What does the Quicksilver logo represent?

What does the Quicksilver logo represent?

Born on the beach, Quiksilver’s core concept of fashion with function has now been embraced by all who enjoy active outdoor lifestyles. The cresting wave and snow capped mountain logo symbolises excellence and authenticity. The logo was inspired by a famous Japanese woodcut depicting a typhoon wave and Mt Fuji.

What happened Quicksilver brand?

Quiksilver emerged from bankruptcy in early 2016, and the company once again became privately held, with Oaktree Capital Management as the majority shareholder. The company’s name was changed in March 2017 to Boardriders, Inc., and it is the owner of the Quiksilver, Roxy, and DC Shoes brands.

What brand do surfers wear?

Top 7 Surfing Brands Worldwide

  • Quiksilver. Quiksilver is a surfing clothing and accessories brand that was established in 1969 in Torquay, Australia, and is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California.
  • Rip Curl.
  • Billabong.
  • Hurley.
  • O’Neill.
  • Volcom.

What is the meaning of Quiksilver?

Quicksilver is liquid, silver colored, and is fascinating to look at. The word comes from the sense of quick that means “alive;” the Latin root is argentum vivum, which is literally “living silver.”

Is quicksilver Australian owned?

Quiksilver, known for its surfwear, was founded in Australia but is now majority-owned by an American investment group, Oaktree Capital Management, and based in California.

Who is faster Quicksilver or flash?

Amazingly, The Flash is way faster than anything Quicksilver has ever displayed in the comics thus far. Flash has moved so fast before that he can phase through solid objects, and can also create enough friction and momentum where he’s able to throw lightning bolts at his foes.

Is quicksilver owned by mercury?

Quicksilver is the premier supplier of Mercury Marine Original Equipment replacement parts and accessories. The two brands share the same DNA and same brand promise. Mercury products are sold only by Mercury Marine dealerships.

Is quicksilver fashionable?

Yes, Quiksilver is a fast fashion brand.

Is Quicksilver fashionable?

Which is the best surf brand?


  • Outerknown.
  • Roark Revival.
  • Nixon.
  • Vuori.
  • Banks Journal.
  • Rhythm.
  • Patagonia.
  • Howler Brothers.

What is Quiksilver’s logo?

Quiksilver is under the Boardriders, Inc. umbrella, who owns other brands like Roxy and DC Shoes. The logo which was designed in 1973 was by its founders Alan Green and John Law was inspired by the Japanese painter Hokusai’s woodcut – The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

What are surfing company logos made of?

The following selection of surfing company logos are representative of popular brands of surfboards. New manufacturing trends have brought new methods with producing boards made of 60-65% recycled waste and production of new foam.

Is Quiksilver a good brand for snowboards?

Along with a wide range of technical ski and snowboarding clothing and accessories, Quiksilver’s selection of snowboard decks is extensive and the quality of our snowboards is undeniable. So next time you’re packing up for a trip to the mountains, don’t forget that Quiksilver has everything you need from gloves and beanies to boots and boards.

Why choose Quiksilver polo shirts for men?

Quiksilver designs long sleeve polo shirts along with the rest of our polo shirts for men so that you have cool weather options as well. Our men’s polo shirts can keep you looking classy any season of the year.

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