What does the MGM logo stand for?

What does the MGM logo stand for?

MGM was born when Samuel Goldwyn’s studio merged with Metro pictures (belonging to Marcus Loew) and another studio owned by Louis B. Mayer. This gave the name ‘Metro Goldwyn Myer’ and around this time the MGM logo was created.

What is the face on the MGM logo?

It looks like the comedy mask of the comedy and the tragedy masks used to represent the theater. It is rarely mentioned because the lion attracts all the attention, but it is called the drama mask in the MGM logo.

What is the mask on MGM logo?

If you’ve ever wondered what the Latin words, “Ars Gratia Artis” mean, it says “Art for Art’s Sake”. Then the greek mask was added under the lion. Of course, this would be tweaked and revised over the decades, like how MGM.com was eventually added across the bottom. The first lion used was named Slats.

Who or what is pictured on the MGM logo?

Although MGM has referred to all of the lions used in their trademark as “Leo the Lion”, only the current lion, in use since 1957 (a total of 64 years), was actually named “Leo”….Leo the Lion (MGM)

Mascot of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Formation 1917
First holder Unknown (1917–1923)
Final holder Leo (1957–present)

What font is the MGM logo?

The names “Disney” and “MGM” used their official corporate typeface while “STUDIOS” used a font called Marquee. The new logo uses a typeface extremely similar to a font called Playwrite. These letters have an Art Deco feel which is consistent with the architecture found on Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.

What is the MGM lion’s name?

Leo the Lion
Leo the Lion has been the most regular star of MGM Pictures since it was founded on this day in 1924, and his roar is probably the sound most commonly associated with the studio.

Is Leo the Lion dead?

Leo the Lion, one of the main attractions at the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Ga., has died. The keeper of the Noah’s Ark Facebook page wrote Thursday “During today’s surgery, we discovered that over 80% of Leo’s liver was full of tumors and because of this, the decision was made to let him go.”

Why is the lion the symbol of MGM?

The classic lion trademark was created in 1916 for the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation by ad executive Howard Dietz. Dietz said he decided to use a lion as the company’s mascot as a tribute to his alma mater, Columbia University, whose athletic team nickname is The Lions.

What was the MGM lion’s name?

Where is Leo the Lion buried?

The famous MGM lion is buried in an unexpected grave in the front lawn of the man who trained him to roar on cue. There is a new marker for the grave of Leo the Lion on Morristown Road in Gillette, NJ.


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