What does the KELS measure?

What does the KELS measure?

The KELS assesses ADL and IADLs in five areas including self-care, safety & health, money management, transportation & telephone and work & leisure. Scoring is from 0–16 with higher scores indicating a need for assistance to live in a community setting.

What type of assessment is the KELS?

Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills
Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS) is a standardized assessment tool that measures mastery of areas of concern for entering or re-entering the community with intention to live independently (Kohlman, 1992).

What is ILS assessment?

The Independent Living Scales® (ILS®) is an individually administered assessment of the degree to which adults are capable of caring for themselves and their property.

What does the kettle test assess?

The Kettle Test was developed as a brief performance-based measure designed to assess cognitive skills in a functional context.

What is the cognitive performance test?

The Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) is a standardized occupational therapy assessment that examines cognitive integration with functioning in an instrumental activities of daily living context. Conventional cognitive measures provide diagnostic utility but do not fully address the functional implications.

What does the kettle do in the community life?

For 45 years, the warmth of The Kettle has supported person-centered mental wellness through support services, housing, employment, and advocacy, while promoting the inclusion of people living with mental illness in all aspects of society.

Is Mohost a Standardised assessment?

The MOHOST (Parkinson et al. 2006) is a standardised assessment that is rooted in the Model of Human Occupation (Kielhofner, 2008), which provides a conceptual system to address issues of volition, performance and organisation of occupational behaviour in the everyday environment.

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