What does the expression by the Great Horn Spoon mean?

What does the expression by the Great Horn Spoon mean?

Definition of horn spoon 1 : a spoon made of horn —used chiefly interjectionally in the phrase by the great horn spoon cookies, by the great horn spoon— Hamlin Garland. 2 or less commonly horn : a small receptacle like a trough made from a section of cow horn and used for careful washing tests in gold mining.

What happens in chapter 10 of By the Great Horn Spoon?

In Chapter 10, calmly but daringly, Praiseworthy engages with Cut-Eye Higgins. With his hand on his holstered pistol, Cut-Eye attempts to stare down Praiseworthy, but Praiseworthy shows no signs of intimidation. The leader demands that the passengers drop their weapons and put their hands in the air.

What was praiseworthy famous for in By the Great Horn Spoon?

A Legendary Fighter When they discover that Praiseworthy has a picture of a beautiful woman, Aunt Arabella, and they attempt to keep it, Praiseworthy steps in. He literally punches the man uphill and ends the robbery. It’s this moment that earns him the nickname ”Bullwhip,” referring to the force in his arm.

What happens at the end of the Great Horn Spoon?

To the travelers’ surprise, Aunt Arabella arrives in California, and Praiseworthy and Arabella finally have their moment. The two agree to marry, and they vow never to return to Boston, and Jack finally gets his real relationship with Praiseworthy.

What year was by the great horn spoon set in?

It is 1849 when 12-year-old Jack Flagg and his Aunt Arabella’s butler, Praiseworthy, stow away on a ship headed for California to join the Gold Rush. Aunt Arabella has been guardian to Jack and his sisters, Sarah and Constance, since their parents died of cholera years earlier.

How did praiseworthy get a hole in his Washpan?

Jack used a washpan to pan for gold. Since Praiseworthy’s pan had a hole shot through it, what did he use. “Pitch-pine Billy lifted it off this arm and opened the umbrella wide. It’s the nickname that Pitch-PIne Billy gave him.

How did Jack and praiseworthy meet pitch-pine Billy?

Later, Jack and Praiseworthy arrive in Hang town and meet Pitch-pine Billy, a miner who gives Jack coffee and teaches them how to get gold as an apology for shooting one of their wash pans, since he thought it was his. Pitch-pine Billy also permits them to squat on his claim.

Why did Jack and praiseworthy become stowaways?

Why do Jack and Praiseworthy have to become stowaways? They wanted to know what it was like to sneak on a ship. A man told them to become stowaways. A thief or cut-purse stole their money they saved to buy tickets for the voyage.

What serious conversations do Jack and praiseworthy have?

Jack and Praiseworthy explain that a thief stole their money for their ticket, and that they think the thief may be aboard. Because the captain doesn’t have time to waste, he puts the stowaways in the coal bunker making steam, and deals with the thief later.

What did cut-eye Higgins steal?

What did Cut-Eye Higgins steal? He stole the Gold Map, boat, and Good Luck.

Where did the stowaways hide By the Great Horn Spoon?

Jack and Praiseworthy initially pay for passage on a ship called the Lady Wilma, but their tickets are stolen as they wait to board. They’re forced to hide in potato barrels in the hull until the ship is well on its way. Then Praiseworthy leads them to the captain’s quarters to tell him of their plight.

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