What does Sparkling Shiraz go with?

What does Sparkling Shiraz go with?

Sparkling Shiraz is fantastic for food pairing. It pairs particularly well with rich and full flavoured dishes, such as glazed ham, roast lamb, pudding and dark chocolate. It is also an excellent match for harder to pair foods, like Peking duck or teriyaki salmon.

Who invented Sparkling Shiraz?

Sparkling shiraz, originally named sparkling burgundy, was first created in 1881 by the Victorian Champagne Company (pioneered by a Melbourne doctor and parliamentarian) in collaboration with the French winemaker Auguste D’Argent.

What does Sparkling Shiraz taste like?

A Sparkling Shiraz has the classic taste of a still Shiraz consisting of dark fruits such as blackberries, blackcurrants, and cherries with hints of chocolate and strawberries, as well as notes of oak and firm acidity.

What Colour is Sparkling Shiraz?

dark red
Our Sparkling Shiraz is a vibrant dark red colour with a bright ruby hue.

Is Sparkling Shiraz a Champagne?

Shiraz is by far the most widely made Sparkling red variety in Australia. You can find Sparkling reds coming out of the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and Rutherglen among others.

What food goes with sparkling red?


  • SAVORY WITH SWEET NOTES. Char siu (Chinese barbecue pork) Barbecue ribs.
  • RICH. Braised pork belly.
  • EARTHY/GAMY. Caponata, ratatouille, baba ghanoush.
  • FRUIT/BERRY CHARACTER. Pork loin with savory berry compote.
  • POSSIBLE LAST COURSES. Manchego, dry Jack or cheddar cheese served with walnut bread.

Is Sparkling Shiraz red or white?

This Autralian style was formerly known as Sparkling Burgundy before the name was banned. Like its red counterpart, sparkling Aussie Shiraz is rather exuberant, showcasing plenty of dark red fruit character and spices.

How do I serve sparkling shiraz?

These rich characters coupled with fine bubbles deliver a delightful and refreshing dry wine that is perfect when served chilled as an aperitif, with white meat dishes or simply shared with friends.

Do you drink sparkling shiraz chilled?

A glass of sparkling shiraz is one that should be served ever-so-slightly chilled. Too cold and you’ll completely hide the flavor, but you’ll bring out the various notes by keeping it just a tad cooler than room temperature.

What goes well with Shiraz?

Shiraz pairs really well with lamb and goat. The jammy flavors of Shiraz go exceptionally well with plum sauces, BBQ sauce, raspberry glazes, or any marmalade type dressings on meat or poultry. Food Pairing with Syrah is easy, just grab some spiced up meats!

What food goes with Rose Champagne?

Rose champagne food pairing

  • Smoked Salmon.
  • Shrimp.
  • Duck.
  • Cold cuts.
  • Red fruits.

When should I drink sparkling shiraz?

Many sparkling wines like a sparkling Shiraz is best when it’s served chilled. When this wine is served at a cooler temperature, it maximises its bubbly content and the wine develops an amazing crispness. You should be careful though and not chill it for too long as that can overshadow its subtle flavours.

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