What does Shore capital Partners do?

What does Shore capital Partners do?

We partner with entrepreneurs and leading industry executives to drive growth in microcap businesses. Capital, connections, and operational support to build local entrepreneurs into regional and national powerhouses.

Who owns Snow Phipps Group?

The firm was co-founded by Ian Snow and Ogden Phipps in 2005 and utilizes an Operating Partner strategy seeking to create long-term capital appreciation. Along with its founders, the firm is led by three additional Investment Partners: Alan Mantel, Sundip Murthy and John Pless.

Who owns Sorenson capital?

“Three core values drive everything we do,” said Luke Sorenson, Managing Partner. “First, we focus on helping, regardless of whether there is a transaction on the other side of our efforts. We are confident that taking a service mindset makes good things happen.

Who owns Waud capital?

Reeve Waud
Investment Team Reeve Waud is the Founder and Managing Partner of Waud Capital Partners. Over his 34-year investment career, he has acquired more than 340 companies. Prior to founding WCP in 1993, Mr.

Who owns Staple Street Capital?

Stephen D Owens “Steve” Managing Director/Co-Founder, Staple Street Capital.

Who owns Swander Pace?

Glo Skin Beauty
Swander Pace Capital was acquired by Glo Skin Beauty for $35.1M on Apr 2, 2013 .

What does Sorenson mean?

son of Søren
Sørensen Danish pronunciation: [ˈsɶɐ̯ˀn̩sn̩] is a Danish-Norwegian patronymic surname meaning “son of Søren” (given name equivalent of Severin).

Who acquired iOFFICE?

Waud Capital Partners
Software Equity Group (SEG) announces its client, iOFFICE, has been acquired by Waud Capital Partners. iOFFICE is a provider of cloud-based workplace management software solutions to corporations.

Who owns Cortec?

Scott Schafler
Scott Schafler. Scott founded Cortec Group in 1984. Prior to Cortec, Mr. Schafler was Vice President of Operations and a Director of Condec Corporation.

Who is John Poulos?

John Poulos (March 31, 1947 – March 26, 1980), also known by his nickname Jon Jon, was the original drummer for The Buckinghams, and one of its founding members in 1965.

Who are the founders of Staple Street execs?


  • Stephen D Owens “Steve” 1/2009-PRESENT. Managing Director/Co-Founder.
  • Hootan Yaghoobzadeh. 10/2009-PRESENT. Managing Director/Co-Founder.
  • Jeffrey D Hyslop “Jeff” PRESENT. Managing Director.

Who owns Kainos capital?

Andrew Rosen
Kainos Capital was co-founded by Andrew Rosen in 2012. Since that time, the firm’s primary goal has been to take an operationally oriented and hands-on approach with management teams to drive growth and build companies of strategic value.

Who is Shore Capital?

Justin is a Founding Partner of Shore Capital, a microcap private equity firm focused on partnering with companies that have between $1-10 million of EBITDA. Ryan is a Founding Partner of Shore Capital, a microcap private equity firm focused on partnering with companies that have between $1-10 million of EBITDA.

Why invest with shareshore capital?

Shore Capital’s investment team is comprised of operationally focused private equity investors that utilize their collective backgrounds to assist entrepreneurs, executives and companies in achieving their full potential.

What does Matt do at shore?

Matt’s responsibilities include sourcing, evaluating, and enabling the growth of Shore investments. He is actively involved with Shore’s investments in Golden Bear Physical Therapy,Assembly Health, and SENTA.

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