What does San lotano mean?

What does San lotano mean?

The name, according to Fernandez, comes from his family’s brand in Cuba before the revolution. San Lotano is also the name of a Nicaraguan tobacco farm owned by Fernandez, as well as a factory, which he opened in 2017.

Who makes San lotano cigars?

San Lotano Habano by AJ Fernandez Cigars | Holt’s Cigar Company.

Are AJ Fernandez Cigars good?

“Excellent cigar! This cigar is what I have come to expect from A.J. Fernandez. It has an excellent composition, beautiful flavor profile, great draw and lots of smoke!”

Where are Ramon Allones cigars made?

The Ramon Allones brand was selected for continued production and continues to be manufactured in Havana. Cuban-made Ramon Allones cigars use are medium-full to full strength in body, and the blend shares some of the characteristics of Partagás as far as overall body, vitolas, and packaging.

Who makes Man O’War cigars?

A.J. Fernandez
A.J. Fernandez (born March 1979) first earned his stripes as the manufacturer of the brands “Man O’War” and “Diesel” for sale by mailorder retail giant Cigars International and its associated companies.

Is Ramon Allones a good cigar?

Very good “Robusto” cigar, as good as those of the old times, maybe because we can still appreciate the perfectly balanced flavours of nuts, honey sweetness or herbal flavours. The minimum ageing recommended for this cigar is at least three years. Strength 3/5.

Who makes AJ Fernandez cigars?

Ramon allones. Modern Cuban born cigar maker, AJ Fernandez, is now entrusted to re-blend a classic Cuban cigar brand. This blend is powered by a strong, dark, medio-tiempo wrapper that AJ grows in Nicaragua, on his own farm from a hybrid tobacco.

Can I buy a Man O War?

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