What does Mary say Abby will do if Proctor goes to court to denounce her?

What does Mary say Abby will do if Proctor goes to court to denounce her?

what does mary say abby will do if proctor goes to court to denounce her? mary says abby will charge proctor with lechery if he goes to court.

Is Elizabeth Proctor a hero or villain?

Elizabeth Proctor is a moral, Christian woman who is one of the main characters of the play. There are two key characters in the story who affect Elizabeth Proctor’s character: the antagonist, Abigail Williams, who is Elizabeth’s maid and who is having an affair with her husband, the protagonist, John Proctor.

What is the relationship between Proctor and Elizabeth?

For the most part, John and Elizabeth Proctor’s relationship is strong and loving. But considerable strain has been placed upon their marriage by John’s affair with Abigail Proctor. Nevertheless, although Elizabeth no longer completely trusts John, she does everything she can to protect his reputation.

Did Elizabeth Proctor confess to witchcraft?

Proctor confesses orally to witchcraft, but refuses to implicate anyone else. Elizabeth refuses. She sees that he is now at peace with himself. When Proctor tells Elizabeth that he will confess, she understands that he is doing so because he wants them to go home and reestablish their family.

What present does Mary Warren give to Elizabeth What does her making it and giving it to Elizabeth foreshadow?

Poppet doll

Who is behind the evidence used to convict Elizabeth and how did she do it?

The evidence that Ezekiel Cheever uses to justify the arrest of Elizabeth Proctor is the doll that he finds at her house. When he finds the doll, he also finds that there is a long needle stuck into its stomach.

What sin does Elizabeth confess to her husband when they are together?

John does not confess — for the charge is false — but he begs Elizabeth to forgive him for committing adultery with Abigail. Elizabeth then makes a confession of her own: she was suspicious of John and Abigail, but she did not confront him.

Why is Elizabeth called Goody Proctor?

“Goody” was a form of address for women, paired with the woman’s surname. The title “Goody” is used in some of the court records, for example, in the Salem witch trials of 1692. “Goody” is an informal and shortened version of “Goodwife.” It was used of married women.

What are Abigail’s feelings for Elizabeth Proctor?

Abigail still loves John and she not only is antagonistic toward Elizabeth because Elizabeth asked Abigail to leave the Proctor house, she is jealous of Elizabeth. Abigail sees Elizabeth as an impediment to her own happiness and she thinks if Elizabeth is out of the way, she can have John.

What does Elizabeth Proctor symbolize?

Elizabeth’s character represents the idea of goodness, and the way a person who thinks herself to be good (and is, in fact, overall a good person) can still have fatal flaws.

Does Elizabeth forgive Proctor?

He committed adultery earlier that year while she was sick, and though his lover (Abigail Williams) is now out of his life, Elizabeth still judges him for it. More importantly, he still judges himself. It isn’t until Elizabeth forgives him and admits her own faults that John Proctor is able to forgive himself.

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