What does JIC fitting stand for?

What does JIC fitting stand for?

Joint Industry Council
JIC (or Joint Industry Council) fittings, defined by SAE J514, are compression fittings machined with a 37 degree flare seating surface and parallel threads. They are commonly manufactured in nickel alloys, brass, carbon & stainless steel.

Can you mix JIC and an fittings?

JIC Steps In The majority of the hydraulic population agrees, the JIC (or SAE) 37 degree fittings are generally interchangeable with AN fittings.

Are JIC and flare fittings the same?

AN and JIC Fittings Interchangeability AN 37° flare and industrial 37° flare fittings function identically. In many cases, they appear to be functionally interchangeable, but they are not.

What are JIC flare fittings?

JIC fittings, defined by the SAE J514 and MIL-DTL-18866 standards, are a type of flare fitting machined with a 37-degree flare seating surface. JIC (Joint Industry Council) fittings are widely used in fuel delivery and fluid power applications, especially where high pressure (up to 10,000 psi) is involved.

What size is JIC 8?

JIC 37° Flare (SAE J514)

Inch size Dash size Male Thread O.D. (in)
1⁄2 -8 0.75
5⁄8 -10 0.88
3⁄4 -12 1.06
7⁄8 -14 1.19

Do JIC fittings need Teflon tape?

You don’t need or should use any teflon tape or pipe dope on hydraulic fittings. Neither are designed for those kinds of pressures and using them could create a less then perfect mating between connection surfaces causing more harm than good.

What is JIC hose?

Joint Industry Council fittings, or JIC, are a type of flare fitting that is machined with a 37° seating surface. JIC connections have wide applications in fuel delivery and fluid power, especially in situations where extremely high-pressure resistance is required, withstanding up to 10,000 psi.

How do I know if my hydraulic fittings are JIC?

Four steps to know if your fittings are JIC:

  1. Identify if the thread is parallel or tapered. NPT/NPTF and BSPT are tapered threads while UN/UNF and BSPP are parallel.
  2. Determine the flare angle by using a calipers.
  3. Determine the thread diameter.
  4. 4.Identifying the thread by gauge.

What size is #6 JIC fitting?

JIC 37° Flare (SAE J514)

Inch size Dash size Female thread O.D (in)
3⁄8 -6 17⁄32
1⁄2 -8 11⁄16
5⁄8 -10 13⁄16
3⁄4 -12 1

What size is #10 JIC?

JIC 37° Flare (SAE J514)

Inch size Dash size Female thread O.D (in)
5⁄8 -10 0.81
3⁄4 -12 0.98
7⁄8 -14 1.10
1 -16 1.23

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