What does it mean when a beer is extra pale?

What does it mean when a beer is extra pale?

An Extra Pale Ale isn’t a recognized style category, so the term is open to interpretation. Simply put, the beer is a twist on the traditional American Pale Ale, and falls somewhere between a Pale Ale and an India Pale Ale (IPA) in terms of hop bitterness, aroma, and profile, as well as alcohol content.

Is SweetWater Extra Pale Ale an IPA?

SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale, our most popular brew, is a tasty West Coast Style Pale Ale with a stimulating hop character and a crisp finish. 1st brewed on April 20th 1997….See if this product can be shipped to you.

ABV 5.7
Brewery SweetWater Brewery
State GA
Style American Pale Ale

What does extra pale ale taste like?

Flavor: “Slightly bready malt bill balanced to style by classic West Coast citrusy hops. Spicy, almost Belgian phenolic yeast character with a light wheat tartness, decent floral hops flavor under the spice, pineapple. Peach and cranberry notes.

What is the most popular pale ale?

India pale ale (IPA) is the most popular craft beer style today.

What’s the difference between pale ale and XPA?

Described as an American adaptation of English pale ale, XPA is generally lighter in colour than English pale ale and has less caramel flavours. The nose for XPA is usually a moderate to strong hop aroma with citrusy hop characters a very common feature.

Are IPAs Hoppy?

India pale ale (IPA) is a hoppy beer style within the broader category of pale ale.

What does SweetWater blue taste like?

Blueberry on the nose, light bodied wheat ale on them taste buds. A unique light bodied wheat ale enhanced with a hint of fresh blueberries! The euphoric experience begins with an appealing blueberry aroma – take a good whiff and you’ll know. The taste is extremely subtle and finishes extra clean.

Why is it called SweetWater 420?

SweetWater’s most popular beer, SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale, named after the date it was first brewed (April 20), soon followed. Kevin McNerney resigned from SweetWater Brewing Company in 2008 to spend more time with his family, and later became brewmaster at 5 Season’s Brewing Company.

What does extra mean in beer?

Usually, “extra” denotes a so-called “bigger” beer, in terms of hoppiness, alcohol or both. For example, Sierra Nevada markets their Torpedo IPA as an “extra IPA,” since it’s a bit hoppier and boozier than most IPAs, but it’s not quite a “double” IPA.

What’s the difference between Pale Ale and XPA?

Who makes the best pale ale?

Pale Ale – American (APA)

1 Three Floyds Zombie Dust 6.2%
2 Three Floyds Alpha King 6.5%
3 Lagunitas Born Yesterday Pale Ale 6.5%
4 Cellarmaker Mt. Nelson 5.7%

What beers are pilsners?

Popular brands include Bitburger, Warsteiner, Holsten, König, Jever, Krombacher, Radeberger, Beck’s and St. Pauli Girl. European-style Pilsners from Belgium and the Netherlands often have a slightly sweeter taste and may use non-barley adjuncts. These mass-produced beers are popular but largely undistinguished.

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