What does Elecmon digivolve into?

What does Elecmon digivolve into?

Elecmon digivolves from Tsunomon and can digivolve into Leomon, Angemon, Kokatorimon, and Bakemon.

What level do Digimon evolve?

In-Training digimon generally evolve up to a Rookie usually within a couple of in-game hours. Rookie’s evolve generally after about three in-game days, Champion after seven days, and Ultimate usually around 12 days.

What are the Digimon evolution stages?

In Digimon Adventure:, Greymon, Garurumon, Kabuterimon, Birdramon, Ikkakumon, Togemon, SkullKnightmon, and Gatomon use this form of digivolution to digivolve to MetalGreymon, WereGarurumon, MegaKabuterimon, Garudamon, Zudomon, Lillymon, AxeKnightmon, and Angewomon.

Can Digimon evolve?

Digimon evolve regularly, so you’ll need to get those stat boosts in before that happens. Eventually, they’ll reach their mega form, and, after 20 in-game days they die, reverting back into Digi-eggs before hatching back into their initial forms.

Why do Digimon evolutions make no sense?

They would simply evolve into bigger, fancier versions of themselves. Digimon evolutions are a bit more complicated than that. Each Digimon below the mega level is capable of digivolving into multiple different forms, and sometimes it makes zero sense how a Digimon changes from something like a plant to a bird.

What is a super ultimate Digimon?

Ultimate (究極体 Kyūkyokutai; Dub: Mega), also referred to as level VI, is the term used which refers to the 6th and final stage of Digimon evolution. Ultimate Digimon are those who have attained the final stage of evolution. Rarely encountered, these Digimon tend to be extraordinarily powerful.

What type of Digimon is elecmon?

Elecmon is a Mammal Digimon whose name and design are derived from “electricity”. Also, Elecmon possesses nine tails, and during battle, it fans out its tail like the plumage of a peacock to intimidate its opponent. Levels:? A Mammal type Digimon that still preserves traces of the Mammal Digimon, Tsunomon.

How does the Digimon Evolution work?

Now, if your Digimon is eligible for at least one evolution and has passed a certain time span, it will trigger the evolution. During the evolution trigger the game will check each possible Digimon whether it is enabled and in the progress store the “best” Digimon it found so far (see Evolution Priority ).

How do you evolve elecmon into Bakemon?

Bakemon (Elecmon can evolve into Bakemon by either naturally or via Death Evolution. When it fights against another Digimon and loses a heart. This has a random 10% chance of happening so its reccomended to save before trying it).

What are the requirements to evolve Digimon?

Each possible evolution has a set of requirements which are divided into 4 groups. In order to be eligible for that evolution you have to fulfill 3 of them. Now, if your Digimon is eligible for at least one evolution and has passed a certain time span, it will trigger the evolution.

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