What does Eidfjord offer in terms of tourism?

What does Eidfjord offer in terms of tourism?

Culture & Nature in Eidfjord Eidfjord also houses the Sima power-plant, one of Europe’s largest hydropower-plants. You can visit the plant and experience the inside of a mountain for a change through a guided tour.

What is there to do on Eidfjord on a cruise?

The old Eidfjord church. Kirke, Eidfjord.

  • Hiking in Eidfjord.
  • Sysen dam. Hardangervidda, Norway.
  • Hardangervidda nature and wildlife centre. Hardangervidda nature and wildlife centre.
  • Eidfjord cruise dock. Ostangvegen, Eidfjord.
  • Shop. Trebua wood shop. Eidfjord.
  • Vøringsfossen. Voringsfossen, Norway.
  • Hardangerfjord. Hardangerfjord.
  • How do I get to Eidfjord?

    Reaching Eidfjord is best reached by car or private transfer from the main cities in Norway- Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger. Driving gives you the freedom to reach Eidfjord at your leisure, stop along the way and saves you time waiting for public transportation and transfers.

    What is in Port Eidfjord?

    The village of Eidfjord is a prime cruise ship port of call. Eidfjord has some tourist sites, like Sima Power Plant that is built into the mountain itself, Mabodalen valley, and Voringsfossen waterfall which features a free fall of 597 ft (182 m).

    Is Norway good place to live?

    It is ranked as one of the best countries to live in and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. All the more reason to Study in Norway! In recent years, Norway has repeatedly been ranked as ‘the best country to live in’ by the United Nations Human Development Report.

    What is Norway famous for food?

    Norwegian Food: 15 Most Popular and Traditional Dishes

    • 1 – Fårikål – Mutton and Cabbage.
    • 2 – Lapskaus – Stew.
    • 3 – Kjøttkaker – Meatballs.
    • 4 – Smalahove – Sheep’s Head.
    • 5 – Rømmegrøt – Sour Cream Porridge.
    • 6 – Raspeball – Potato Dumpling.
    • 7 – Pinnekjøtt – Dried Lamb Ribs.

    Why visit the Hardangerfjord region?

    Some places you need to see, feel, and smell for yourself. The Hardangerfjord region in Fjord Norway is one of those places. Let the natural rage of the waterfalls spray your face, and the rich flavours of the world’s best cider fill you up.

    What is Eidfjord famous for?

    The village of Eidfjord is a major cruise ship port of call. Eidfjord has several tourist sites, like the Sima Power Plant which is built into the mountain itself, the Måbødalen valley, and the Vøringsfossen waterfall which has a free fall of 182 metres (597 ft).

    Where is Øvre Eidfjord located?

    The Hardangervidda Natursenter, a visitors centre and museum for Hardangervidda National Park, is located in Øvre Eidfjord . The 1,491.5-square-kilometre (575.9 sq mi) municipality is the 59th largest by area out of the 356 municipalities in Norway.

    What to do in Hardangervidda?

    The centre is informative and covers all areas from farming to the geology of Hardangervidda and the rest of Norway,… 12. Mabodalen Agricultural Countryside Museum 13. Flat Earth Adventures 14. Hardanger Fjordsafari 15. Trolltrain 16. Private yacht cruise from Eidfjord 17. Lady Ann, Eidfjord Cruise From quick jaunts to full-day outings.

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