What does Desdemona represent?

What does Desdemona represent?

The name Desdemona is a Greek Baby Names baby name. In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Desdemona is: Misery. Unlucky. Famous bearer: Desdemona was the heroine of Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’.

Why does Iago want Desdemona to die?

Iago wants Desdemona dead because getting rid of her will help him to destroy her husband, Othello. Desdemona is a threat to Iago because she doesn’t trust him. So, long as she’s around, she can act as what Iago regards as a dangerous influence on her husband, and Iago can’t stomach such a prospect.

What does thick lips mean in Othello?

Thick-lips. “Thick-lips” is a racial slur toward the Moor, Othello. Thick-lips sure is lucky if he can pull this off! IAGO. Call up her father.

How does Othello die?

Othello dies by his own hand. He lies next to the deceased Desdemona and stabs himself.

What does Othello compare Desdemona to?

He compares her to a rose which, once plucked, can bloom no more and must wither. For a moment, his love for her almost persuades “justice” (meaning Othello) “to break [his] sword” (17). He weeps, but he regains his purpose; Desdemona’s beauty is deceptive, he realizes, because it masks her corruption.

Why did Desdemona fall in love with Othello?

By his own admission, Desdemona fell in love with Othello’s bravery and for surviving many sorrows and tribulations. Othello, in turn, loves the fact that she admires him. From his point of view, he has a loving, obedient wife who admires his ability to endure dangers.

What is the role of Desdemona in Othello?

Her role is to serve as a catalyst for Othello’s jealousy and eventual downfall, which is engineered by Iago. Desdemona seems clueless that she is being manipulated by Iago and cannot imagine that Othello would mistrust her because she has done nothing to deserve his mistrust.

Why is Desdemona innocent?

Desdemona is innocent because she never did the things that she is accused of doing. Specifically, she never cheated on Othello. You can say that she has done bad things (or things that would have been seen as bad back then). Specifically, she eloped with Othello against her father’s wishes.

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