What does Clenx tea do?

What does Clenx tea do?

Reduces body weight and maintains an ideal body shape. Stimulates peristaltic bowel movement to remove excessive toxins, fat and cholesterol. Relieves constipation, flatulence and bloated tummy. Improves the functions of detoxification organs.

How do you use Natural Clenx Tea?

Place 1 teabag into boiled water and steep for 5-10 minutes. Refill boiled water 1-2 times as desired. Take 1-2 teabags daily after meal for best results. – Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting are present.

Is detox tea good for weight loss?

Detox teas may also have a laxative effect, speeding food through your digestive tract. This can give your abdomen a slimmer, flatter look. But detox teas don’t cause real or lasting loss of excess fat from the body. Instead, they can dehydrate you.

Does detox tea make you poop or pee?

The truth here is that most detox teas make you go to the bathroom, by including a laxative type ingredient, such as the herb senna.

What is natural clenx tea?

Natural Clenx Tea™ is a high quality detox slimming tea made from 100% natural organic green tea and herbs, with no laxatives, no added sugar and no side effects. It has been approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and is safe for consumption.

Can I drink natural clenx tea while exercising?

Natural Clenx Tea is a natural detox tea made from 100% organic green tea and herbs. It helps you enhance your health in a healthy and easy way ! For the person who is also in slimming progress , don’t only drink and no need to exercise. The results will be very slow. I suggest that you can drink this while exercise .

Does clenx tea have any effect on your stomach?

Some detox tea has bad taste and feel torture when drinking it but Clenx tea is fine. After drinking the tea, I go to toilet few times in a day and it really cleans all the “rubbish” in my stomach. I thought this is just happen at the beginning of drinking this tea so I continue to drink it for two weeks.

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