What does Boucheron cologne smell like?

What does Boucheron cologne smell like?

‘ And indeed, the fragrance is as multi-faceted as a diamond: an Ambrée floral, with a halo of mandarin and orange blossoms, an opulent heart of white flowers – jasmine, ylang ylang, tuberose – and drops of amber and vanilla in the velvety base.

What does Eau de Toilette pour Homme mean?

Eau de parfum is more intense, lasts longer than toilette. Cologne is the weakest. Pour homme means “for men”.

What scents are in Boucheron perfume?

The base, which is as thin, opulent and elegant as the whole composition, encompasses: civet, benzoin, woody notes, Tonka bean, Indian vanilla, oakmoss, ambergris and musk. The perfume was created by Francis Deleamont and Jean-Pierre Bethouart in 1989.

Is Boucheron a good cologne?

This is a wonderful classic fragrance. It is fresh spicy, citrusy, woody and floral — with good longevity and silage.

Is Lomani a good brand?

The lomani by itself is a great cologne but somehow feels more sharper. They some notes that brings out some similarities but that’s the end of line. The cologne has decent performance. The bottle looks decent but the silver plastic part is kind of cheap.

What is your review of Boucheron Pour Homme EDT for men?

This perfume has a masterful and complex composition,perfect for the spring, summer and fall. I really enjoy it and I love Boucheron Pour Homme EDT for Men, I’m so happy that I have it in my collection.

What is uniqueboucheron Pour Homme?

Boucheron pour Homme (and I am reviewing the Eau de Parfum version) is a fragrance that is the epitome of European male perfumery. In other words, this is the ultra-refined, upscale version of a traditional Eau de Cologne.

What is the smell of Boucheron Pour Homme eau de Parfum?

Boucheron pour homme eau de parfum (pre-Y2K) smells wonderful and is basically a walk down memory lane to a time when complex perfumes were the rule, not the exception. There is nothing specifically masculine about this scent. It’s a unisex woody chypre, when all is said and sniffed.

Who is the creator of beyondboucheron Pour Homme?

Boucheron Pour Homme was created by Francis Deleamont, Jean-Pierre Bethouart and Raymond Chaillan.

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