What does a least tern eat?

What does a least tern eat?

The least tern’s diet primarily consists of fish, but they will also feed on small invertebrates. (The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, 2011). Male least terns have a unique courtship ritual.

What do interior least terns eat?

small fish
The interior least tern is a migratory bird species, nesting along freshwater habitats of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and their major tributaries and overwintering in the Caribbean and South America. Least terns primarily feed on small fish.

Why is it called Least Tern?

The CA Least Tern has a distinctive black cap. It has black stripes running from the cap across the eyes to the beak. These contrast with a white forehead. As its name implies, the least tern is the smallest of North American terns.

How long does a least tern live?

Along the Mid-Atlantic coast, Least Terns are often called “little strikers” colloquially. The oldest recorded Least Tern was at least 24 years, 1 month old when it was found in New Jersey in 1981.

What do least terns do?

Least terns fly over water to forage, hovering then plunging to catch prey that are just below the water’s surface. Sometimes they will dip down to pick up prey from the surface of the water or from land, and they may catch insects on the wing.

Why are least terns endangered?

Populations are endangered in many areas because of human impacts on nesting areas, especially competition for use of beaches. However, Least Terns in some parts of the east are now nesting successfully on gravel roofs near the coast. On coasts, nesting areas often disturbed by beach-goers.

Why are Least Terns endangered?

Why is the least tern important?

The interior least tern population is now estimated at roughly 18,000 individuals. “Protecting these birds not only saved them from extinction but also helped us manage the surrounding ecosystem better,” said Kurose.

Why is least tern endangered?

How big is the least tern?

1.4 ozAdult
Least Tern/Mass

How far do least terns migrate?

Least terns will travel four or more miles (6+ km) from their breeding colonies to find the small fish that make up the major part of their diet.

How is the least tern endangered?

Least Concern (Population decreasing)
Least Tern/Conservation status

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