What does 925 mean on James Avery jewelry?

What does 925 mean on James Avery jewelry?

Our sterling is stamped with the number “925” and the word “sterling.” The jewelry we made before 2004 was stamped “sterling”. The “925” is the international standard for sterling and means that the jewelry has at least a 92.5% fine silver content.

Is James Avery real sterling silver?

The precious metal alloys used in the making of James Avery jewelry consist of sterling silver, 10K, 14K, and 18K yellow gold, white gold, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and titanium.

Are James Avery rings real?

James Avery Jewelry is a family-owned company offering finely crafted jewelry designs in sterling silver, 14K and 18K yellow and white gold, and gemstones for women and men. We are a vertically-integrated company, meaning we design, manufacture, market, and sell our own products.

Is James Avery sterling silver good quality?

James Avery has excellent quality jewelry. I replaced my stolen wedding ring with a sterling/14k design from James Avery. It has a good weight, and has worn beautifully.

How can you tell if James Avery jewelry is real?

Be on the lookout if our name is misspelled in the offer or website name (URL). If a discount or offer is not advertised at JamesAvery.com or on our verified social media channels, there’s a good chance it’s a fraudulent offer.

Does James Avery jewelry tarnish?

How do I clean and care for my James Avery jewelry? Polishing jewelry regularly will take care of most tarnishing and cleaning problems and help reduce the chance of skin irritation. Gemstones and pearls require special care, so we recommend they be professionally cleaned.

Why is my James Avery ring turning black?

Oxidation. Due to the natural variations of hand finished products, the degree of oxidation and resulting darkness will vary from piece to piece. Reasonable variations are to be expected and contribute to the uniqueness and hand finished quality of each piece of oxidized James Avery jewelry.

Is James Avery jewelry made in China?

The 360 employees at the company’s new production center in Kerrville are quietly taking on a global industry in which more and more jewelry is made in either India or China. James Avery still makes jewelry the old-fashioned way by using wax molds, but modern technology at the new plant boosts productivity.

Why did my James Avery ring turning black?

Is James Avery made in Italy?

The handbags are made by a supplier in New York with leather imported from Italy. James Avery has more than 1,000 active charms and pendants at a time, with six new releases a year.

Is James Avery only in Texas?

The founder, James Avery, started the business in 1954 in Kerrville, Texas out of his (then) mother-in-law’s two-car garage with about $250 in capital….James Avery Artisan Jewelry.

Trade name James Avery Artisan Jewelry
Headquarters Kerrville, Texas , U.S.
Number of locations 270
Area served Worldwide

Can James Avery jewelry get wet?

This week we’re answering one of summer’s most-asked questions: Can I 🏊 with my jewelry on or get it wet? To keep your jewelry looking its best, we recommend that you remove it when swimming or bathing. Always avoid exposing your James Avery designs to chlorinated water or harsh chemicals.

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