What do the sages say about life?

What do the sages say about life?

The sages say that life is ce dark dream. a what does the rain often foretells. and The main often foretells a pleasent day.

Is for if dreams die a metaphor?

First off, Hughes uses personification in the lines: “For if dreams die” and “For when dreams go”. Personification is when something non-human is given human qualities. Dreams don’t literally die and they can’t travel. Secondly, Hughes employs two metaphors to describe what happens when dreams are lost.

What is the tone of the poem life?

The tone of the poem ”Life” by Charlotte Brontë is hopeful and optimistic, with the speaker expressing the belief that life is more joyful than…

What is the central question of Harlem by Langston Hughes?

Major Themes in “Harlem”: Delay, sadness, and dreams are the major themes of this poem. The poem speaks about the oppression of African-Americans. The tone suggests that their goals always remain unapproachable and lose their meanings.

Why is Langston Hughes famous?

Langston Hughes was one of the most important writers and thinkers of the Harlem Renaissance, which was the African American artistic movement in the 1920s that celebrated black life and culture. His literary works helped shape American literature and politics.

What is the central theme of the poem life?

theme/central idea: This is a motivating and optimistic poem. The poet says that’s the bad things of life are transient, and good things invariably follow them. Hope will help us to bear our trials even during times of great adversity. we must be optimistic and have the courage to overcome any problem or mishap.

What does the metaphor life is a broken winged bird that Cannot fly mean?

The metaphor in the first stanza, that “life is a broken-winged bird / That cannot fly” if one lets go of one’s dreams conveys the hopelessness of life without dreams. The metaphor in the second stanza, that “Life is a barren field / Frozen with snow,” really conveys the lost potential of a life without dreams.

What is the main theme of life?

The six Life Themes that emerged have been named: Love, Personal Value, Power, Freedom, Truth and Justice.

What are good questions to ask about a story?


  • Where does the story take place?
  • When does the story take place?
  • Could it take place anywhere else?
  • Could the story take place in this world?
  • How did the author describe the place?
  • How did the authored describe the time?
  • What could you see, feel, hear, smell, as you read?
  • How much time passes in the story?

How do you tell someone’s life story?

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  1. Ignore the mundane. So you’re going to write a story about someone’s life.
  2. Concentrate on the Special. What makes a story about someone’s life interesting?
  3. Do Some Research.
  4. Connect with the person and the story.
  5. Ask interesting questions.
  6. Follow your nose.
  7. Record the interview.
  8. Find a good title for your story.

What kind of poem is Dreams by Langston Hughes?

“Dreams” by Langston Hughes is a two-stanza poem with an ABCB rhyme scheme that highlights the value of “dreams” by presenting two situations that revolve around the loss of those “dreams.” The first stanza reflects on the possible death of dreams in an “if” scenario, which indicates “dreams” do not have to “die” since …

What was Langston Hughes vision for America?

For many, the situation felt hopeless. However, Hughes believed that African Americans deserved equality and presented a vision of America as a racially equal country. He accepted that the path would not be easy, but emphasized that the struggle for equality was worth enduring.

Who is the poet of the poem life?

Charlotte Bronte

What does life is a barren field mean?

Life is a barren field” means ‘life becomes a place of hopelessness and emptiness.’ Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. This is a quote from a poem by Langston Hughes (1902 – 1967).

What is the central idea of the poem life?

The central message of the poem “Life” by Charlotte Brontë is optimism. Brontë talks about the transience of negative situations, advocating for a “This too shall pass” attitude towards them.

What message is the poet trying to give us?

Answer. Answer: The message in Charlotte Brontë’s poem “Life” is that we should be hopeful rather than hopeless and optimistic rather than pessimistic. In the first stanza, Brontë lists a series of weather events which are usually perceived as negative and shows why each should in fact be perceived as positive.

What message is Langston Hughes giving in this poem and what does it tell us about attitudes towards African Americans does the poem offer hope for a brighter future for African Americans?

What message is Langston Hughes giving in this poem? He is saying that I may be black But he is proud to be an American 2. What does it tell us about attitudes towards African Americans? They are just as patriotic as other colored people.

What is the poet comparing to a bird that Cannot fly?

Langston Hughes

What evidence did Hughes present to support his conclusion?

He uses his personal observations and the narrative of his story to support his conclusion: Jesus does not exist. Hughes tells a vivid story of a time when his town had a church revival. On the last day of the revival the children were invited to hear the message of salvation.

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