What do hex signs on barns mean?

What do hex signs on barns mean?

The markings, colors, and designs on hex signs are believed by many to protect the barns and the animals housed inside from fire, lightning, sickness and the work of evil spirits, demons and witchcraft. They might augment fertility of livestock or encourage the right balance of sun and rain for success with crops.

Are hex signs evil?

One says hex signs are intended to ward off evil. The other, as Claypoole said in Pennsylvania Dutch parlance, is simpler: “They’re just for nice.” Few hex signs are found in Germany’s Palatinate, the region from which the Pennsylvania Germans emigrated, Claypoole said.

What is a hex mark?

Definition of hex mark : a usually stylized often symbolic design placed on a structure (as a building or an enclosure for animals) for the purpose of warding off evil spirits or simply for its decorative effect — compare hexafoos.

What is Irish hex sign?

A traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign, usually given at weddings, placed on new houses or barns, to protect those inside. For good luck, prosperity, fertility, good harvests, etc.

Are Pennsylvania Dutch Dutch?

Why are the Pennsylvania Dutch called so when they’re actually German? Most of us have heard of the Pennsylvania Dutch community in the United States. However, it might be surprising to know that these people are not actually Dutch, but rather, descended from German immigrants.

What is the meaning of hex signs?

This article is wrong. The purpose of a hex sign is to “ward” (protect) the building on which they are painted or hung from evil spirits; the images and patterns used in the hex signs have specific meanings that correlate to such things as “good luck,” “good fortune,” “fertility,” “prosperity,” etc.

What are barn hex signs?

Typical hex sign on a barn. Today, artfully painted octagonal or hexagonal star-like patterns are a well-known sight on Pennsylvania Dutch barns, especially in Berks County, and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. However, the modern decoration of barns is a late development in Pennsylvania Dutch folk art.

What are Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs?

Hex signs are a form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, related to fraktur, found in the Fancy Dutch tradition in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

What do Dutch hex signs mean?

hex sign. noun. Any of various round designs, such as stylized rosettes, stars, or wheels, traditionally painted on barns by the Pennsylvania Dutch, either as decoration or as charms against misfortune or evil spells.

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