What disease does Alex Lewis have?

What disease does Alex Lewis have?

Seven years ago Alex was running a pub when he caught a cold and became increasingly ill. Strep A bacteria had overwhelmed his immune system, the infection so severe he was close to death. He developed the flesh-eating disease Necrotising Fasciitis. All four of his limbs had to be amputated.

How did Alex get toxic shock syndrome?

A remarkable, uplifting film following the extraordinary two year story of a man trying to rebuild his body and his family after a devastating illness. In November 2013 Alex Lewis, father-of-one, caught a common cold. In an extremely rare case, the cold developed into toxic shock syndrome with shattering effects.

Did Alex Lewis get married?

Alex Lewis, 39, from Stockbridge in Hampshire, who lives with wife Lucy Townsend, 45, and son Sam, eight, had skin from his shoulder grafted around his mouth after he lost part of his face because of a vicious flesh-eating infection, and had lips tattooed onto the skin.

What happened to Alexis Lewis?

He had contracted Strep A Toxic Shock Syndrome, Septicaemia and Necrotising Fasciitis. The immediate required action by doctors and surgeons was a quadruple amputation and extensive skin grafts and facial reconstruction as the infection ravaged his face and mouth as well as his limbs.

What is strep A ag?

Strep A, also known as group A strep, is a type of bacteria that causes strep throat and other infections. Strep throat is an infection that affects the throat and tonsils. The infection is spread from person to person through coughing or sneezing.

Can u leave tampons in overnight?

Many people wonder if it is safe to sleep with a tampon in. Most people will be fine if they sleep while wearing a tampon, but if you sleep for longer than eight hours, you could be at risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This is a rare but potentially fatal condition that requires urgent medical attention.

Can you get TSS from pads?

Toxic Shock Syndrome is not caused by tampons. You can get it while using pads or menstrual cups, or no period protection at all. Anyone can get TSS. Even men and children can get TSS, and only about half of TSS infections are related to menstruation.

What happened to Lucy and Alex?

Lucy and Alex get off to a bad start and have a rather bitter ending. Their relationship ends, however, when Lucy takes a job in Africa that Arizona initially recommended to Alex. When she asks him to tell her a reason not to go to Africa, Alex tells her to go to hell.

Where are Alex and Marcus Lewis now?

Though they remained in England—Marcus lives in London and Alex lives just outside of London—they frequently spend time in Zanzibar. “We love it there,” Marcus Lewis said.

Can strep live in your body?

Many species of streptococci live harmlessly in and on the body. Some species that can cause infection are also present in some healthy people but cause no symptoms. These people are called carriers.

Can you poop with a tampon in?

Pooping with a tampon in Tampons can become dislodged if you strain for a poo, so some women prefer to remove and replace with another when they’re done. If you’d rather not waste a fresh tampon, you might want to eat foods that prevent constipation so stools are easier to pass.

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