What did the Orcs do to Frodo?

What did the Orcs do to Frodo?

The Orcs take up Frodo’s paralyzed body and carry it away. Sam follows behind, listening to the guards’ conversation. One Orc, named Shagrat, is telling the other, Gorbag, that Shelob has been wounded. Gorbag is impressed that any creature was able to hurt Shelob and cut through the cords of her cobwebs.

Where do the Orcs take Frodo after Shelob?

the Tower of Cirith Ungol
After Shelob paralyzed Frodo Baggins, two Orc patrols led by Gorbag and Shagrat came across his cocooned body, taking him back to the Tower of Cirith Ungol where they planned to torture him.

What happens in Cirith Ungol?

The Battle of Cirith Ungol was a vague fight between the Orc-company of Gorbag from Minas Morgul and the Black Uruks of Shagrat stationed at Cirith Ungol, over Frodo Baggins’ mithril vest. It took place in the Tower of Cirith Ungol.

Who saves Frodo from the spider?

The Return of the King Shelob attacks Frodo Baggins after Gollum leads him to the giant spider irn hopes of getting the One Ring for himself. However, as she battles Frodo, Samwise Gamgee saves Frodo and battle s Shelob before he kills her.

Who is Frodo’s best friend?

And for the past six decades, Frodo has been usually seen as the hero of the tale; but Samwise Gamgee is the real badass hobbit. When things get real, Sam’s the dude you want by your side. Everyone needs a friend like Sam! He’s loyal, brave and is there for Frodo no matter what.

What are the 2 towers in LOTR?

Orthanc and Minas Morgul.

Does Shelob speak?

And Shelob may not have actually ever spoken to us, but she didn’t have vocal cords, so it may not have been as easy as gurgling. Plus, I think maybe since she always has time to play with her victims, she may have just watched Gollum beg and let him do it. And she definitely understood languages.

How did Frodo survive Shelob?

Her venom paralyzed Frodo, and she then wrapped him in her web. Sam then assaulted the creature using Sting and the Phial of Galadrial in order to rescue his master. However, when she tried to use her stinger to inject Sam with venom, he dodged at the last moment and was able to stab her in the abdomen with Sting.

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