What compromise does mark fossie make in hopes that Mary Anne will act like her pre Vietnam self again?

What compromise does mark fossie make in hopes that Mary Anne will act like her pre Vietnam self again?

She went with the green beret. What “compromise” did Mark make? He would marry her if she left Vietnam.

What happens to Mary Anne at the end of the story?

After Mary Anne Bell’s boyfriend, Mark Fossie, flies her to Vietnam, she transforms from a sweet, innocent 17-year-old into a type of Green Beret. As Rat Kiley describes it, Vietnam has “the effect of a powerful drug” on Mary Anne. In the end, she goes missing, becoming part of the land.

What turns Mary Anne into a killer?

Explanation: The War itself changes the Mary Ann bell into a predatory killer. Her curiosity and thirsty for adventure slowly takes her over and she does not want to leave all this excitement. This chapter tells the reader that the Vietnam War was something dangerous and could ultimately change someone.

What happened Lee Strunk?

Strunk dies in a medic chopper after most of his right leg is blown off. Before leaving, he begs Jensen not to kill him. Get the entire The Things They Carried LitChart as a printable PDF.

On what occasion does Rat Kiley write a letter to a man’s sister?

On what occasion does Rat Kiley write a letter to a man’s sister? The man died.

Is on the Rainy River a true story?

The literal truth is that the summer before he went to Vietnam, O’Brien played a lot of golf. “On the Rainy River” is still true, though. There’s a resonance like that between O’Brien’s book and the war itself. “The reasons for the war were extremely messy and ambiguous,” he said.

Why does Rat Kiley exaggerate his stories?

O’Brien recalls a story of Rat Kiley’s. He explains that Rat exaggerates not because he wants to deceive, but because he wants listeners to almost feel the story so that it seems more real. Rat had been assigned to a medical detachment near Tra Bong in an area the medics shared with six Green Berets.

What does Mary Anne tongue necklace symbolize?

Mary Anne’s tongue necklace represents her desire to be a part of Vietnamese culture. Mary Anne is willing to be consumed by the jungle and to become a consumer of Vietnamese culture. Embraced by the tongues and surrounded by other tribal symbols, Mary Anne defends herself against Fossie’s horror and condemnation.

How did Mary Anne change in things they carried?

Her transformation from a pretty girl wearing culottes to an animal-like hunter who wears a necklace of tongues parallels and exaggerates the change all young men went through in Vietnam, such as “O’Brien” who went from a boy who liked school to the man who plotted a sadistic revenge against Jorgenson.

What does Elroy do to tempt Tim to run away?

Who does Tim credit with saving his life? What does Elroy do to tempt Tim to run away? He takes Tim fishing right by the border. Where is the platoon at?

What did Dobbins do with his pantyhose when his girlfriend dumped him?

What did Dobbins do with his girlfriend’s pantyhose, when his girlfriend dumped him? Dobbin’s tied her pantyhose around his neck as a comforter.

What does Jimmy cross symbolize?

Jimmy Cross’s character represents the profound effects responsibility has on those who are too immature to handle it. As a sophomore in college, he signs up for the Reserve Officers Training Corps because it is worth a few credits and because his friends are doing it.

Who was Kiowas best friend?

Lesson Summary In The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, we are introduced to Kiowa, a Native American Baptist who brought his gentle, kind, compassionate nature to the jungles of the Vietnam War. He is there for his best friend Tim O’Brien when he needs him, as he is for the other men in his company.

What is O Brien’s attitude towards Linda?

Here, O’Brien is talking about his desire to save Linda’s life—“[n]ot her body—her life”—through storytelling. In saying this, he is acknowledging that he can’t change the facts of what happens in life, like the fact that Linda died at the age of nine of a brain tumor.

Is Linda Real in the things they carried?

Like Kiowa, Ted Lavender and Curt Lemon, Linda is dead, and the only thing left is her memory. As such, she is still real to Tim, as are all his friends who died in the war.

Is The Things They Carried a true story?

The Things They Carried is famously a “true” war story drawn from O’Brien’s service in the Vietnam War, featuring events and people that the reader believes or wants to believe are true.

Why is Rat Kiley so disappointed when Curt Lemon’s sister doesn’t answer his letter?

1. Rat Kiley thought Curt Lemon’s extreme and questionable acts were true. His sister couldn’t accept them as true. She found the actions to be inappropriate and disturbing. So even though the author said the story was true, the audience, in this case the sister, couldn’t accept it as true.

What is the point of O Brien’s trip to Vietnam 20 years after the war?

What is the point of O’Brien’s trip to Vietnam 20 years after the war? To show his daughter what he went through. To make peace with Vietnam and cleanse himself of the war.

Who was Rat Kiley’s best friend?

Curt Lemon

Why does Rat Kiley write a letter to this man’s sister?

A week after his friend is killed, Rat Kiley writes a letter to the friend’s sister, explaining what a hero her brother was and how much he loved him. Kiley, frustrated, spits and calls the sister a “dumb cooze.” O’Brien insists that a true war story is not moral and tells us not to believe a story that seems moral.

How did Curt Lemon’s visit to the dentist affect him?

How did Curt Lemon’s visit to the dentist affect him? Curt Lemon’s visit to the dentist affected him, by he fainting and them got mad at himself, so then he went and complained about a monster tooth ache to prove that the dentist doesn’t scare him.

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