What company owns Boehringer Ingelheim?

What company owns Boehringer Ingelheim?

Boehringer Ingelheim Auslandsbeteiligungs GmbH
Boehringer Ingelheim/Parent organizations

C.H. Boehringer Sohn AG & Ko. KG is the parent company of the Boehringer Ingelheim group, which was founded in 1885 by Albert Boehringer in Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany. As of 2018, Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and the largest private one.

What kind of company is Boehringer Ingelheim?

Boehringer Ingelheim is a research-driven group of companies dedicated to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative health care products.

Where is Boehringer Ingelheim headquarters?

Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany
Boehringer Ingelheim/Headquarters

What do Boehringer Ingelheim do?

Boehringer Ingelheim performs strongly. It has an Access to Healthcare Approach, including both human and animal health. The strategy covers all therapeutic areas in which the company is involved, namely the non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

What is the origin of the name Boehringer Ingelheim?

How was this corporation started? In 1885, a man named Albert Boehringer purchased a small factory in the Rhine-Hessian village of Nieder-Ingelheim in Germany. It was also this year that Albert renamed the company C. H. Boehringer Sohn, in honour of his father, Christoph Heinrich Boehringer.

Is Boehringer Ingelheim a good company?

Is Boehringer Ingelheim a good company to work for? Boehringer Ingelheim has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5, based on over 2,715 reviews left anonymously by employees. 85% of employees would recommend working at Boehringer Ingelheim to a friend and 71% have a positive outlook for the business.

Who owns buscopan?

Buscopan® | boehringer-ingelheim.ca.

Is Boehringer Ingelheim a listed company?

Boehringer Ingelheim India Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 11 Dec, 2003. It’s a private unlisted company and is classified as’company limited by shares’.

Is Boehringer Ingelheim part of Sanofi?

The integration of Boehringer Ingelheim’s Consumer Healthcare (CHC) business into Sanofi and Merial into Boehringer Ingelheim would start after closing. Upon closing this transaction will be a significant business swap in the pharmaceutical sector and an important event in the history of both companies.

What drug company makes myrbetriq?

Myrbetriq® is a registered trademark of Astellas Pharma Inc.

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