What company makes comfortmaker?

What company makes comfortmaker?

International Cooling Products
Backed by superior craftsmanship and top-quality manufacturing, ComfortMaker is owned by International Cooling Products (ICP), who also produce HVAC products under Heil, Tempstar, and KeepRite.

Who makes comfortmaker HVAC equipment?

International Comfort Products
UTC owns Carrier and Bryant Those two brands make very similar furnace lineups. International Comfort Products (ICP) makes Comfortmaker and Tempstar. It also makes Heil, Keeprite, Arcoaire and Day & Night. ICP is owned by UTC.

Where is comfortmaker furnace reset button?

blower compartment
Locate the reset button on the furnace and press it to reset the furnace. It is usually located inside the blower compartment on the side of the blower motor. Be cautious as the housing may be hot. If the button is popped up, press it down.

Is Comfortmaker good brand?

Offering one of the best warranty coverages available with a vast range of options depending on your budget, ComfortMaker is an effective mid-range option for a new air conditioner. Many of their units are ENERGY STAR® certified and achieve impressive SEER ratings to guarantee cost-effective performance.

Are Carrier and Comfortmaker the same?

Both Carrier and Comfortmaker offer efficient HVAC units. They have a high seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER), which ensures little or no electrical energy is wasted during their operation. Both brands also have AC units that operate quietly. Comfortmaker advertises its AC units to be durable, but Carrier doesn’t.

Why won’t my pilot light light on my furnace?

There are several possible reasons why your gas furnace pilot won’t light: an ongoing draft, a faulty thermocouple, an accumulation of dirt, or an inefficient supply.

Which is better Goodman or Comfortmaker?

Comfortmaker units are manufactured up to a 19 SEER rating, which is slightly better than top Goodman model. Comfortmaker and Goodman are excellent air conditioners that offer energy-efficient units at an affordable price. When comparing Goodman vs. Comfortmaker AC units, you’ll find many options to choose from.

Is Carrier and Comfortmaker the same?

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