What channel is Italian music on Sirius XM?

What channel is Italian music on Sirius XM?

Salve! The Sinatra satellite radio stations offer an ‘eccellente’ way to get your old-school Italian-American music fix — tunes guaranteed to put you in a good mood! On Sirius, it’s channel 75, “Siriusly Sinatra“, and on XM, it’s channel 73, also called “Siriusly Sinatra”.

What frequency is Radio Italia?

Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana

Frequency FM several frequencies, change from geographical side to side HB 8 13°E: 12111 / 27500 / 3/4 V EchoStar IX 121°W: Channel 756 EchoStar II and III 148°W and 61.50 °W: Channel 909 SKY Italia Channel 700 DISH Network Channel 909
Format Italian music radio

What station is heavy metal radio?

KBUE (105.5 MHz, “Que Buena 105.5/94.3 FM”) is a commercial FM radio station licensed to Long Beach, California and serving the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Who is best radio station in Nigeria?

10 Best Radio Stations in Nigeria

  • Wazobia FM 94.1. Wazobia FM is a Nigerian Pidgin English radio station with branches in Abuja, Kano, Lagos, Onitsha, and Port- Harcourt.
  • Soundcity Radio Network.
  • Sports Radio 88.9 Brila FM.
  • Max FM.
  • Beat 99.9 FM.
  • RayPower FM.
  • Inspiration FM.
  • Naija FM.

What channel is lithium on Sirius XM?

channel 34
Lithium is a 1990s grunge and alternative rock channel airing on Sirius XM Radio channel 34 and Dish Network channel 6034….Lithium (Sirius XM station)

Broadcast area United States and Canada
Frequency Sirius XM Radio 34 Dish Network 6034

What stations are country on Sirius?


  • The Highway. Today’s Country Hits.
  • Prime Country. ’80s/’90s Country Hits.
  • Willies Roadhouse. Willie’s Classic Country.
  • Outlaw Country. Music That Won’t Be Fenced In.
  • Y2Kountry. This Millennium’s Country Hits.
  • Dwight Yoakam and The Bakersfield Beat. Dwight Yoakam’s Music Channel.
  • No Shoes Radio.
  • Red White & Booze.

Is Rete Italia on DAB radio?

Rete Italia is now broadcast on DAB+ digital radio. The advanced technology plays the highest quality sound possible and will provide an enhanced listening experience.

Where is Rete Italia on DAB radio?


  1. Victoria: Melbourne DAB+ (Niche Radio); 1629AM Shepparton; 87.6FM Swan Hill; 87.8FM Wangaratta; 87.8FM Colac.
  2. New South Wales: Sydney DAB+ (Niche Radio); 89.3FM Wollongong.
  3. Western Australia: Perth DAB+ (Niche Radio)

What FM stations play metal?

Metal Radio Stations from California, United States

  • SomaFM – Metal Detector.
  • 100hitz – Metal.
  • 97.3 The ARC.
  • Power Back Radio.
  • PPN Radio.

What is the best heavy metal radio station?

Heavy Metal stations

  • Oberlin Rock Radio.
  • Metal Conquers All.
  • Craniumradio.com.
  • Highwire Daze Radio.
  • The OA Radio.
  • MigrationRadio.FM.
  • Orion Radio.
  • Philly Rock Radio.

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