What causes Utricle cyst?

What causes Utricle cyst?

Causes of hematospermia include sexually transmitted diseases, trauma, prostatic inflammatory or infectious disease, malignant neoplasia, cystic dilatation of the utricle, and conditions affecting the testis or the seminal vesicles [2, 3].

How serious is a prostate cyst?

2, 3 Symptomatic prostatic cysts are a cause of chronic pelvic pain, upper or lower urinary tract infection (UTI), infertility, hemospermia and, rarely, malignancy.

Is prostatic utricle cyst cancer?

There have been case reports of müllerian duct cysts and prostatic utricle cysts containing carcinoma (5). Surgical excision of a müllerian duct cyst may be performed depending on the size and location of the cyst and the presence of clinical symptoms (4).

How is Utricle cyst treated?

Procedure options are transperineal or transrectal aspiration, endoscopic section of the utricle meatus and transurethral marsupialization, and open surgery.

What is a Utricular cyst?

A prostatic utricle cyst (PUC), also known as a utricular cyst, is an area of focal dilatation that occurs within the prostatic utricle. They are midline cystic masses in the male pelvis and can be very difficult or impossible to distinguish from a Mullerian duct cyst.

What is the prostatic utricle?

Prostatic utricle is a rudimentary structure in the posterior urethra of males. It is an embryological remnant, 4- to 6-mm long opening between two ejaculatory ducts on verumontanum. It denotes the caudal end of fused müllerian duct, conforming to vaginal and cervical portion of the duct [15].

Are cysts on prostate common?

Purpose: Cysts of prostate tissue are common. Most cases are diagnosed accidently during ultrasound but they sometimes have clinical relevance when related to lower urinary tract symptoms, infertility or the expression of neoplastic disorders.

How do you get rid of prostate cysts?

Midline prostatic cysts treatment modalities include transrectal or perineal ultrasound-guided drainage, endoscopic transurethral resection, and open surgery. ]. Holmium: YAG laser was employed for the marsupialization of the cyst wall in midline prostatic cyst treatment for the first time in the present study.

What is Utricular cyst?

Where is the prostatic utricle?

prostatic urethra
The prostatic utricle is a small, epithelium-lined diverticulum of the prostatic urethra. It is located in the verumontanum between the two openings of the ejaculatory ducts and extends backward and slightly upward for a very short distance within the medial lobe of the prostate.

What is prostatic utricle cyst?

Prostatic utricle cyst is a rare midline cystic lesion between the urinary bladder and the rectum, commonly associated with hypospadias. Along with its rarity, it presents a challenge in its diagnosis and proper management.

What is midline prostatic cyst?

Etiologically, prostatic cysts include the utricle, mullerian duct cyst, hemorrhagic prostatic cyst, hydatid cyst and cysts associated with prostatitis. Midline cysts, located posteriorly at the prostatic floor, are mostly developmental in origin and arise from remnants of fetal tissue – utricle or müllerian duct.

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