What can Act 13 money be used for?

What can Act 13 money be used for?

Additionally, Act 13 requires the funds to be used in relation to one of thirteen purposes, including: 1. Construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of roadways, bridges and public infrastructure.

What is Act 13 Pennsylvania?

Act 13 of 2020 (Act 13) was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on March 27, 2020 and revises the Act 82 Educator Effectiveness (EE) process used to evaluate professional employees in PreK-12 education across Pennsylvania beginning in the 2021-22 school year.

How much money did Allegheny County receive from impact fee disbursements in 2020?

PA Pays Out $146M in Impact Tax for 2020 – Lowest Ever | Marcellus Drilling News.

How close can you build to a gas well in Pennsylvania?

(1) No well site may be prepared or well drilled within 100 feet or, in the case of an unconventional well, 300 feet from the vertical well bore or 100 feet from the edge of the well site, whichever is greater, measured horizontally from any solid blue lined stream, spring or body of water as identified on the most …

What does Act 13 say about zoning laws and the dispute between the state and local authorities?

The limits on local zoning — part of Act 13, which rewrote Pennsylvania’s natural gas drilling laws — violate municipalities’ substantive due process, according to the ruling. Act 13 also prevents municipalities from zoning drilling operations out of residential areas.

What is the penalty for elder abuse in Pennsylvania?

Violation of the act resulting in serious bodily injury is punished as a felony of the first degree, the penalty for which is a fine of not more than $25,99 and a term of imprisonment of not more than 20 years.

What is an unconventional gas well?

An unconventional gas well is a well that is drilled into an unconventional formation, which is defined as a geologic shale formation below the base of the Elk Sandstone or its geologic equivalent where natural gas generally cannot be produced except by horizontal or vertical well bores stimulated by hydraulic …

How far can you build from a gas well?

But HUD goes further and states that “Operating and abandoned oil and gas wells pose potential hazards to housing, including potential fire, explosion, spray and other pollution…. No existing dwelling may be located closer than 300 feet from an active or planned drilling site.

Is zoning considered constitutional?

the Supreme Court ruled that zoning parts of cities to not allow for certain uses (like commercial uses, or multi-family housing) is permissible under the U.S. Constitution.

Is elder abuse a crime in PA?

Elder abuse and neglect is illegal in Pennsylvania. Abusive conduct covered by law includes: Physical or sexual harm, assault, harassment or abuse. Depriving a patient of adequate care, food, water or medication.

Is elder abuse a felony in Pennsylvania?

What country is the largest producer of oil?

United States
What countries are the top producers and consumers of oil?

Country Million barrels per day Share of world total
United States 20.54 20%
China 14.01 14%
India 4.92 5%
Japan 3.74 4%

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