What bulb does my projector need?

What bulb does my projector need?

A standard classroom projector is rated for bulbs that produce between 1,000 and 1,200 lumens. More powerful projectors, like projectors for larger offices can handle lumen outputs of 2,500 or more.

How long do Benq projector bulbs last?

approximately 1500~2000 hours
The typical life expectancy of a lamp is approximately 1500~2000 hours, depending on the usage. After 2000 hours, the efficiency of the light bulbs can and may decline to 70%.

Can you use any bulb in a projector?

No, not all projector bulbs are the same. Just as each projector utilizes different technology to achieve the projection of an image, each projector also uses different bulbs depending on the type of electrical circuit it uses.

How much does a BenQ projector bulb cost?

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Can I put a brighter bulb in my projector?

Put your projector in its brightest output mode. Cinema, Movie and Video modes typically reduce the projector’s light output to provide more detail in dark images, while Dynamic and Bright modes open dynamic irises, turn bulb brightness settings up and otherwise make your projector’s image as bright as possible.

How do I make my Benq projector brighter?

Increasing Lumen Output

  1. Clean your projector’s lens.
  2. Vacuum your projector’s air intakes and exhaust ports, or, if has a removable air cleaner, remove it and clean it.
  3. Turn up your projector’s lamp level.
  4. Put your projector in its brightest output mode.
  5. Replace a projector bulb that is nearing the end of its life.

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