What area code is 019?

What area code is 019?

0191 is the UK telephone dialling code used by Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and other nearby areas in the north east of England.

What are China’s area codes?

These are area codes for the provinces of Hebei, Shanxi and Henan.

  • Hebei – 31x 33x.
  • Shanxi (山西) – 34x 35x.
  • Henan – 37x 39x.
  • Liaoning – 41x 42x.
  • Jilin – 43x 44x.
  • Heilongjiang – 45x 46x.
  • Inner Mongolia – 47x 48x.
  • Jiangsu – 51x 52x.

What is the area code of Beijing China?

Beijing/Area codes

What is the area code for Shanghai China?

Shanghai/Area codes

Who called me 019?

Caller identification ⚠️ According to our users’ reports, there is a high probability that the telephone number 019 that called you is a broadband scam! At the moment, our Calling Line Identification system cannot verify that this number is authentic and genuinely belongs to VISA .

Who called 01914265602?

🔔 Our Calling Line Identification system has identified the telephone number 01914 265602 as EDF smart meter install appointments. The reason for calling could be related to: smart meter or text message.

Which country has +86 code?

Zambia Country Code 260 – Worldometer.

Which country uses +85?

International Dialing Code

Serial No. Country Name Dialing Codes
85 GUAM 1-671
87 GUINEA 224

Is Shanghai a city in China?

Shanghai is China’s most-populous city, and the municipality is its most-populous urban area. Shanghai was one of the first Chinese ports to be opened to Western trade, and it long dominated the nation’s commerce.

What area code is 01923 in UK?

01923 area code information

Area code: 01923
Location: Watford
Ceremonial county: Hertfordshire
Local number length: 6 digits
Number format: 01923 xxxxxx

What dial code is 01908?

01908 Area Code The location for 01908 is Milton Keynes, UK. The 01908 area code will allow you to make calls to Milton Keynes from wherever in the world you are.

How many area codes are there in China?

000, 001 – Singtel, 008 – Starhub, 002 – Mobile One, 012 – Fax Plus, 013 – Budget Call, 018 – StarHub VoIP, 019 – SingTel VoIP – Exit code for Singapore, and is needed for making any international call from Singapore Area code – There are 346 area codes in China.

How to call China phone numbers?

To call China dial: Exit Country Code + 86 + Area Code + The Number * Do not dial the plus (+) symbols

What is the International dialer code for China?

011 – US exit code, dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada. 86 – Country Code for China. Phone Number. (a) Fixed – Area Code (10 stands for Beijing) plus local number can total 8 to 12 digits.

What is the area code for Anqing?

China Information China Cities China Area Codes Anqing 556 Anshan 412 Baicheng 436 Baoan Xian 755

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