What are the similarities and differences between reflection and refraction?

What are the similarities and differences between reflection and refraction?

In reflection, the waves bounce off the surface. On the contrary, in refraction, the waves pass through the surface, that changes their speed and direction. In reflection, the angle of incidence is same as the angle of reflection. As against this, the angle of incidence is not similar to the angle of refraction.

What is the difference of reflection?

Let us now discuss what is the difference between reflection and refraction….Difference between Reflection and Refraction in tabular form.

Parameters Reflection Refraction
Medium Of Light Propagation The medium in which light propagates remains the same. The medium of propagation gets changed.

How do we use refraction in everyday life?

Refraction of light can be seen in many places in our everyday life. It makes objects under a water surface appear closer than they really are. It is what optical lenses are based on, allowing for instruments such as glasses, cameras, binoculars, microscopes, and the human eye.

What are effects of refraction?

Effects of refraction of light An object appears to be raised when paced under water. Pool of water appears less deep than it actually is. If a lemon is kept in a glass of water it appears to be bigger when viewed from the sides of glass. It is due to refraction of light that stars appear to twinkle at night.

What is difference between reflection and reflection?

Thus, this is the key difference between Reflection and Refraction….

Difference between Reflection and Refraction
Reflection Refraction
This phenomenon usually occurs in mirrors. This phenomenon usually occurs in Lenses.

What are two conditions for total internal reflection?

Following are the two conditions for the total internal reflection to take place:

  • The angle of incidence in the denser medium must be greater than the critical angle for that pair of media.
  • The ray of light must travel from a denser medium into a rarer medium.

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