What are the functional groups of Salicylamide?

What are the functional groups of Salicylamide?

CHEBI:32114 – salicylamide

salicylamide is a Functional Parent of
exalamide Mass : 221.29550 Formula : C13H19NO2 acetic acid [2-[[(6,6-dimethoxy-3-oxo-1-cyclohexa-1,4-dienyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl] ester Mass : 331.321 acetic acid [2-[[(5-nitro-2-thiazolyl)amino]-oxomethyl]phenyl] ester Mass : 307.284

Is Salicylamide an acid or base?

The amide, salicylamide, is neither acidic nor basic enough to react; therefore, it will remain soluble in the organic solvent throughout the extraction process.

What is the molar mass of Salicylamide?

137.136 g/mol
Salicylamide/Molar mass

Is salicylamide an acid?

Salicylamide is the simplest member of the class of salicylamides derived from salicylic acid. It has a role as a non-narcotic analgesic and an antirheumatic drug. It is a member of salicylamides and a member of phenols.

What is salicylamide 152mg?

Active Ingredients (in each tablet): Acetaminophen 110mg – Aspirin (NSAID*) 162mg (*nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) Caffeine 32.4mg – Salicylamide (NSAID)* 152mg (*nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ……

Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength

Is Salicylamide an acid?

What is Salicylamide 152mg?

What is salicylamide used for?

USES: This combination medication is used to treat mild to moderate pain (e.g., headache, arthritis, muscle pain, cold/flu aches and pain). Salicylamide and acetaminophen help to decrease the pain.

How does salicylamide work?

Salicylamide (o-hydroxybenzamide or amide of salicyl) is a non-prescription drug with analgesic and antipyretic properties. Its medicinal uses are similar to those of aspirin. Salicylamide is used in combination with both aspirin and caffeine in the over-the-counter pain remedy PainAid.

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