What are the different flavors of Rockstar?

What are the different flavors of Rockstar?

ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK is available in eighteen amazing flavors: Original, Sugar Free, Burner, Punched Tropical, Punched Guava, Recovery Lemonade, Recovery Orange, Recovery Grape, Green Apple, Bubbleberry Iced Peach Tea, PerfectBerry, X-durance, Energy Cola, Juiced Mango Orange Passionfruit, Roasted Mocha, Roasted Light …

How many flavors of Rockstar Energy drinks are there?

Explore our more than 25 flavors; including 0 calorie, 0 sugar, and 0 carb options to fit your lifestyle.

Which Rockstar Flavour is the best?

Rockstar Watermelon Watermelon is the most popular flavor of Rockstar, according to many consumers. It has a distinct watermelon flavor, however, it does taste a bit artificial.

What flavor is the Green Rockstar?

Rockstar Hardcore Energy Drink is a green apple flavored energy drink from Rockstar Energy. It has 50% more caffeine than traditional Rockstar Energy Drink. Rockstar Hardcore is intended for healthy adults only who understand their tolerance and sensitivity to caffeine.

Is Rockstar better than monster?

When comparing Rockstar versus Monster to determine which will give you more energy, look at the component of the beverages that provide a perk-up: caffeine. As it turns out, there is the same amount of caffeine in Rockstar and Monster and they will likely have the same energizing effect.

Is Rockstar discontinued?

Rockstar 2x 12oz and 16oz has been discontinued. – No longer a rockstar consumer and promoter.

What flavor is the black rockstar?

Rockstar Blackout Energy drink is a vanilla, blueberry, and blackberry flavored variation of Rockstar Energy. It has similar ingredients to Rockstar original and has the same amount of caffeine.

Is Rockstar Juiced discontinued?

Item is no longer available.

What Flavour is blue rockstar?

Rockstar Super Sours Energy Drink Blue Raspberry Flavour.

What flavor is blue rockstar?

Blue Raspberry
Enhance your purchase

Flavor Xdurance Blue Raspberry
Brand Rockstar Energy Drink
Volume 192 Fluid Ounces
Package Information Can
Item Form Liquid

Is Red Bull stronger than Rockstar?

Most energy drinks contain 70-200 milligrams of caffeine; for example, Rockstar 2X has 250 mg per 12 ounces, a 12 ounce can of Red Bull has 111 mg, and a 5-Hour Energy shot, a variation of the energy drink craze, is a whopping 207 mg of caffeine in just 2 ounces.

What is the most harmful energy drink?

The Most Dangerous Energy Drinks Ever Made

  • 5-Hour Energy — little shot, big boost.
  • Monster — marketing to minors.
  • Redline from Bang Energy — weight loss in a can.
  • Red Bull — a deadly cocktail?
  • Four Loko — alcohol and stimulants galore.
  • Cocaine — “The Legal Alternative”
  • Rockstar Xdurance — caffeine and exercise.

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