What are the different ages in ROK?

What are the different ages in ROK?

As you gain levels, your city keeps progressing through 4 subsequent ages: Bronze, Iron, Dark and Feudal. Each age allows you to dispatch and command more and bigger armies.

What level is the feudal age in rise of kingdoms?

Building Requirements

Level Unlocks Power
Stone Age
20 None 318,769
Feudal Age
21 Tier 4 troops 442,735

How many levels are there in rise of kingdoms?

Total levels of buildings in the game are 25.

What follows the Iron Age?

Bronze Age
Bronze Age The period of time characterised by an increase in bronze working, covering the period 2600-700BC in the UK. The Bronze Age follows on from the Neolithic period and is followed by the Iron Age.

What is the best civilization in rise of kingdoms?

France. France is, by definition, the best civilization for farming in the game. Not only because of their increased wood gathering speed, but also because their commander, Joan of Arc, has passive bonuses to gathering, as well.

What’s the best civilization in rise of kingdoms?

A lot of players start off as china and the starting commander is sun tzu. The best civilization for new players of rise of kingdoms is china. Led by commander sun tzu and improved troops, china’s defense capabilities are strong and compact.

Should I rush my city hall in ROK?

Focus on rushing your City Hall. Power comes from higher tiered troops, and the research which comes with it (and commanders of course). By focusing on upgrading your City Hall, you will be able to unlock higher tiers and better research earlier.

What’s the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms?

What’s the point of Rise of Kingdoms?

Regardless of your approach, the objective in Rise of Kingdoms is to develop your town, level up your City Hall to gain access to new buildings and features, and build your armies by training troops in the numerous military facilities available in the game.

What is the best kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms?

The Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

  • Germany.
  • Britain.
  • Korea.
  • Arabia.
  • Ottoman Empire.
  • Byzantium.

How many ages are there in rise of kingdoms?

Rise of Kingdoms has 5 ages for now. Ages in Rise Of kingdoms are Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron age, Dark age, and last is Feudal Age. By upgrading the city hall to a certain level you will enter the new age.

What is the Kingdom age of Christ?

The Kingdom Age of Christ is predicted to be a 1000-year time of peace when Jesus himself will rule over all the nations in perfect righteousness. This new age starts immediately after Return of Christ, as he removes all evil out of this world, including those in the Last Days who were literally destroying the world in a fiery nuclear war.

Will the Kingdom age be able to burn things?

Not only will the people of the Kingdom Age be able to collect and burn primitive weapons, fuel, and any other flammable items they find, but they may also be able to burn a significant percentage of the newest generation of advanced weapons themselves.

What is Ezekiel’s prediction for the Kingdom age?

As the Kingdom Age begins to get organized and the world slowly returns to a hospitable place, one of the most important duties for those living in the Middle East will be to bury the remains of all these people. Ezekiel predicts that they will set aside an entire valley just to become a mass grave site for the fallen armies.

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