What are the antonyms of decent?

What are the antonyms of decent?

antonyms for decent

  • improper.
  • incorrect.
  • misbehaving.
  • unrefined.
  • unreliable.
  • unsophisticated.
  • unsuitable.
  • untrustworthy.

What is the synonym of decent?

proper, correct, appropriate, apt, apposite, fitting, fit, befitting, right, suitable, respectable, dignified, becoming, decorous, seemly, modest, nice, tasteful, in good taste, refined, genteel. conventional, accepted, approved, standard, traditional, orthodox. comme il faut. British informal pukka. indecent.

What is the synonym and antonym of decent?

becoming, befitting, beseeming, comely, congruous, decorous, fit, fitting, graceful, meet, neat, proper, seemly, suitable, worthy. Antonyms: awkward, ill-becoming, ill-fitting, improper, indecent, indecorous, unbecoming, unfit, unseemly, unsuitable.

What is a sentence for antonym?

For most of my life, I’ve gone so far in the opposite direction that if I knew the antonym for hypochondria I’d employ it now. A term often used as an antonym to pluralism to describe a state in which politics, society, and economy are all subject to the control of an elite or a party.

What is the sentence of decent?

He is a decent guy who would help anyone in need. You need to do the decent thing and tell her what happened. Are there any decent schools in that area? I’ve got to get some decent clothes.

What is the opposite descent?

Opposite of to fall or dive downwards or to a lower level. rise. arise. ascend. climb.

What are antonyms give 5 examples?

Antonym Examples

achieve – fail giant – dwarf random – specific
blunt – sharp marvelous – terrible timid – bold
brave – cowardly noisy – quiet toward – away
cautious – careless partial – complete tragic – comic
complex – simple passive – active transparent – opaque

What are the three types of antonyms?

Antonyms fall within the three categories, namely, Relational Antonyms, Graded Antonyms, and Complementary Antonyms.

Is OK and decent the same?

As adjectives the difference between okay and decent is that okay is see while decent is (obsolete) appropriate; suitable for the circumstances.

Is decent better than good?

As adjectives the difference between decent and good is that decent is (obsolete) appropriate; suitable for the circumstances while good is acting in the interest of good; ethical.

What is the correct spelling of decent?

Correct spelling for the English word “decent” is [d_ˈiː_s_ə_n_t], [dˈiːsənt], [dˈiːsənt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet ). Table of Contents. Definition of DECENT. Moderate, but competent; sufficient; hence, respectable; fairly good; reasonably comfortable or satisfying; as, a decent fortune; a decent person.

What is the opposite of decent?

Direct Opposite of decent. improperly, indecent, improper, unrespectable, gross, immodest, deficient, Hollywood, crude, suggestive, indelicate, indecent, obscene, vulgar, insufficient, earthy, awkward, ill-fitting, unbecoming, unseemly, ill-becoming, indecorous, unfit, unsuitable,

What is a synonym for decent?

Synonyms and Antonyms of decent. exceptional, exquisite, extreme, fancy, first-class, high-grade, matchless, maximized, maximum, optimal, optimum, peerless, preeminent, premium, special, supreme, unmatched, unparalleled A1, bang-up, banner, boss [ slang], capital, classic, crackerjack, dandy, divine, fabulous, fine, first-rate, grand, great, groovy,…

What is a synonym for descent?

descent(noun) a movement downward. Synonyms: declension, lineage, pedigree, stock, ancestry, stemma, blood, extraction, decline, declination, origin, parentage, downslope, line of descent, declivity, line, blood line, fall, bloodline, filiation. Antonyms: upgrade, climb, ascent, acclivity, raise, rise.

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