What are the 4 types of conflict of interest?

What are the 4 types of conflict of interest?

Types of conflict of interest and duty

  • Actual conflict of interest:
  • Potential conflict of interest:
  • Perceived conflict of interest:
  • Conflict of duty:
  • Direct interests:
  • Indirect interests:
  • Financial interests:
  • Non-financial interests:

What qualifies as a conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest occurs when an individual’s personal interests – family, friendships, financial, or social factors – could compromise his or her judgment, decisions, or actions in the workplace. Government agencies take conflicts of interest so seriously that they are regulated.

What are the three types of conflicts of interest?

Three Common Types of Conflicts of Interest

  • Nepotism. Nepotism happens when an individual in charge of a hiring process chooses to award a job offer to someone in their own family or with whom they have a personal relationship.
  • Self-Dealing.
  • Business Relationships.

Can an employer fire you for conflict of interest?

In both unionized and non-unionized environments, an employee who engages in a conflict of interest can lead to a just cause termination. Where an employee puts his or her self interest in conflict with his or her duty to his employer, an employer may be justified in terminating the employee for cause.

What are the two major causes of conflict of interest?

Interest conflicts are caused by competition over perceived or actual incompatible needs. Such conflicts may occur over issues of money, resources, or time. Relationship conflicts occur when there are misperceptions, strong negative emotions, or poor communication.

Can you fire someone for conflict of interest?

What should you do if you have a conflicting interest?

What to do when you have a conflict of interest

  1. As soon as you encounter a possible conflict of interest, notify the COM immediately.
  2. Ask that any COM or internal papers that discuss the matter not be posted to you.
  3. Avoid any informal discussions that might influence fellow COM members on the matter.

What are the 7 types of conflict?


  • Person vs. Person.
  • Person vs. Self.
  • Person vs. Fate/God(s)
  • Person vs. Nature.
  • Person vs. Society.
  • Person vs. the Unknown/Extraterrestrial.
  • Person vs. Technology/Machinery.
  • Conclusion.

Can you get in trouble for conflict of interest?

Like other types of illegal or unethical activities, conflict of interest activities carry the risk of consequences. Federal and state laws have been set up to criminalize conflicts of interest in the public sector, and in certain circumstances, conflict of interest can result in prosecution.

How do you handle conflict of interest?

Managing conflict of interest requires a balance

  1. Identifying risks.
  2. Prohibiting unacceptable forms of private interest.
  3. Raising awareness of the circumstances in which conflicts can arise.
  4. Building capacities to prevent conflict of interest through training.

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