What are some evil villain names?

What are some evil villain names?

Villainous Names for Both Guys and Girls

Angel Slayer Whitewash Cyclone
Malice Spite Blur
Death Angel Night Caller The Kingston Executioner
Brownout Strangler Parallax Longshot
Diamondback Five States Maniac Bloodline

What is the best villain name?

The 50 most popular movie villains of all time, ranked

  • Tyler Durden.
  • Bane.
  • Sauron.
  • Hannibal Lecter.
  • Warden Norton. > Most popular film: “The Shawshank Redemption”
  • Two-Face. > Most popular film: “The Dark Knight”
  • Joker. > Most popular film: “The Dark Knight”
  • Darth Vader. > Most popular film: “Star Wars”

How do you name your villain?

10 Fascinating and Creative Ways to Name an Evil Villain

  1. 1 Use a villain name generator online.
  2. 2 Use words from other languages.
  3. 3 Think of names that evoke villainy.
  4. 4 Come up with monstrous names.
  5. 5 Give your villain a meaningful nickname.
  6. 6 Name villains based on how you want them to be perceived.

Who is No 1 villain?


Rank Villain Film
1 Dr. Hannibal Lecter The Silence of the Lambs
2 Norman Bates Psycho
3 Darth Vader The Empire Strikes Back
4 The Wicked Witch of the West The Wizard of Oz

Is Venom a villain?

Venom has endured as one of Spider-Man’s most prominent villains, and was initially regarded as one of his three archenemies, alongside the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus.

What names are evil?

Demon And Evil Names For Boys:

  • Azazel: In Hebrew, the word Azazel means the ‘scapegoat or total removal.
  • Diabolos: Diabolos is a Greek mythological name meaning ‘slanderer or accuser.
  • Abigor: Abigor is one of the few handsome demons.
  • Ravana:
  • Samael:
  • Satan:
  • Seth:
  • Chernobog:

What is a good name for a villain?

1. Pyro Thug: Pyro comes from a Greek root word for fire, so this basically means a fire thug. 2. Well-Spoken Monster: This sounds just a bit too well-spoken for my tastes. 3. Axis: Do you remember when former President Bush talked about the “Axis of Evil”? That would be a cool villain name, right? 4.

Who is ominous in Sonic the Hedgehog?

—Ominous calls Sonic out on his limited care for others. Ominous is the second character, as well as the first villain (or anti-villain) ever created by Heroic412229. Ominous is supposed to be a “magneto-type character” who’s not wrong, but goes about things the wrong way. Ominous’ real name is “Grey the Panther”.

What are some evil anime character names?

Evil Anime Characters’ Names. Here are some scary character names from Anime. 18. Alluka, a soulless dark child from ‘Hunter X Hunter’. 19. Desil, Desil considers people as toys and kills them. 20. Hibana, Deadman Wonderland’s baby loves torturing people. 21. Killua, another creepy child from ‘Hunter X Hunter’. 22.

Is there such a thing as evil names?

Of course, a name is only evil if the person behind it is evil. But the names in this generator will at least have a darker sound to it, and thus fit those on the darker side of life quite well. The names range from the obvious ones (perhaps the cliche names), like ‘Deville’ to more obscure and normal names.

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