What are IDocs in ABAP?

What are IDocs in ABAP?

IDoc is an SAP object that carries data of a business transaction from one system to another in the form of electronic message. IDoc is an acronym for Intermediate Document. The purpose of an IDoc is to transfer data or information from SAP to other systems and vice versa.

How many types of IDoc are there in SAP?


Message Type IDOC Type Description
GSVERF GSVERF01 Self-Billing procedure

What are the components of IDoc?

An SAP IDoc consists of three parts:

  • Control Record. – Contains administrative information such as the IDoc type, message type, current status, sender and receiver etc.
  • Data Record. – Contains application data, which is stored in groups called segments.
  • Status Record.

What is bd87 in SAP?

With transaction BD87, you can get a quick overview of the current processing status of the IDocs in an SAP ERP system. If the IDoc is in the correct status, processing of the IDoc can be initiated again. In a separate article we examine the processing of an IDoc.

How to reprocess an IDoc in SAP?

How to reprocess an Idoc: 1. Go to transaction BD87. 2. Enter Idoc number, and check that the dates are correct. 3. Click the Execute button or press F8. 4. To reprocess, select the Idoc status in the “IDOC in inbound processing” tree.

Is it possible to call a bd87 report through CALL TRANSACTION?

It is not possible to call it through CALL TRANSACTION since BD87 is more like a monitoring report involving an ALV tree elements which cannot be manipulated via CALL TRANSACTION or a SUBMIT program.

What is the difference between rbdmon00 and bd87?

As we know it is being used in the SAP BC-MID (Middleware in Basis) component which is coming under BC module (BASIS) .BD87 is a transaction code used for Status Monitor for ALE Messages in SAP. It comes under the package SALE.When we execute this transaction code, RBDMON00 is the normal standard SAP program that is being executed in background.

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