What are grounding bushings used for?

What are grounding bushings used for?

Bridgeport’s grounding and bonding bushings are used to properly bond and terminate service conduits to a cabinet, box or enclosure.

Do I need a grounding bushing?

The National Electrical Code (NEC) Articles 250.64 & 250.92 require the use of a grounding bushing. In addition, NEC Articles 344.46 & 300.4(G) require a bushing with conductors 4AWG or larger. 1. Prepare conduit by squarely cutting the conduit to the desired length and deburring conduit end.

Where are bonding bushings required?

When concentric or eccentric knockouts are encountered with service equipment, a bonding jumper would be required. If the integrity of the concentric or eccentric knockouts has been compromised during installation, a bonding jumper should be provided to ensure compliance with all of the requirements of the NEC.

Are bushings required on PVC conduit?

The important part is bolded above – you need a bushing unless your fitting provides equivalent protection – that is, equivalent to the protection a bushing provides.

What is a ground lug?

[′grau̇nd ‚ləg] (electricity) A lug that connects a grounding conductor to a grounding electrode.

What is a grounding locknut?

3/4“ grounding locknuts are used on 3/4” threaded conduits or connectors to bond locknuts when additional locking and grounding connections are required, such as when severe vibration is encountered. Grounding locknuts are zinc electroplated for excellent corrosion protection in damp locations.

Are reducing washers listed for bonding?

Furthermore, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) subject all listed reducing washers to a resistance test and a current test. These tests are in the standard UL 514B, and also in UL 467. Nevertheless, at least one manufacturer recommends that reducing washers be bonded around.

Can you use EMT as a ground?

Electrical metallic tubing (EMT) is one type of acceptable equipment grounding conductor listed in Section 250.118. When installed properly and the fittings are made up wrench-tight, EMT is an excellent equipment grounding conductor.

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