What are C tables for?

What are C tables for?

C tables are the polished, grown-up versions of fold-out snack tables, smartly designed to provide a surface for eating or working, without taking up too much floor space.

What is AC table for couch?

A C table (I have recently learned) is a side table with a clever cantilivered top that resembles, you guessed it, the letter C. The C table is to people of today what the tray table was to people in the 50s: a novel way to enjoy the comforts of your couch while also enjoying the comforts of your technology.

What height should an AC table be?

Here’s the rule: your end table should be within two inches of your sofa’s arm height. If your couch’s arm stands at just 18 inches, then, you’ll want a shorter end table (between 16-20 inches).

What’s the difference between a side table and an end table?

The main difference between end table and side table is that side tables typically have a larger surface area than end tables. A side table is a small table we usually place at the side of a room, or against a wall while an end table is a small table we place next to a chair or at the end of a sofa.

What is the difference between an end table and a side table?

How tall should a living room end table be?

25 to 30 inches tall
“End tables for living rooms are usually 25 to 30 inches tall, but the arm height of most sofas is 25 inches, which means most end tables are taller than the sofa arm,” he said. “It’s not a good look. Your guests should be able to place a martini on the table without reaching up to the heavens.”

Can I use a side table as a nightstand?

An end table may make a perfectly good nightstand if it fits into your bedroom decor, while a piece marketed as a nightstand may look great in the living room with no one the wiser.

What are side tables called?

end tables
Side tables, sometimes called end tables, are small yet functional tables that are found in most homes.

What is the difference between a side table and an end table?

What kind of table is a C table?

Sophisticated and unique, the “C” Table’s curvaceous design will be sure to turn heads. A sleek chrome stem supports a glass table top and sits on a polished black base. Great for use as an end table or accent tabl Read More

What is a Tucson C end table?

This simple but very functional c-shaped table with drawer can be used with a sofa, chair or even as a nightstand. Stocked in a rich espresso finish. Also available in high gloss white and driftwood. Castors are inc Read More Give your space a makeover with the Tucson C End Table from Convenience Concepts.

What makes a modern C table stand out from the rest?

The modern, geometric look makes it stand out from the rest, and the fact that it comes as a set is the icing on the cake. If your style is more glam, you’ll love this chrome C table. The glass top and geometric shape add contemporary style and personality to any space.

Why choose a C-shaped end table?

The C-shape allows you to use it as a standard end or chairside table, Read More The Celine side table is all stainless steel. It features a brushed stainless steel top and a high polish stainless steel frame. The c-shape end table makes it perfect for many uses in the living room or bedroom.

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