What age do Ray-Ban Juniors fit?

What age do Ray-Ban Juniors fit?

Ray Ban Jr. designed to fit 4-6 years.

What size are junior Raybans?

Aviator Size Comparison Chart

Frame & Aviator Size SportRx Frame Width Temple Length
RB3025 Aviator 55 Eyesize 130 135
RB3025 Aviator 58 Eyesize 136 135
RB3025 Aviator 62 Eyesize & RB3026 Aviator II 140 140
RJ9506S Junior Aviator 50 & 52 Eyesize 117 / 122 120 / 125

Are Ray-Ban Juniors made in China?

It’s important to note that all Ray-Ban RX optical frames and Ray Ban Junior models are made in China while other models are manufactured both in Italy and China, here is the list of known styles that are currently produced in China RB: 3016, 3466, 3449, 3484, 3119, 3179, 3186, 3364, 3211, 3293, 3379, 3362, 3267, 3386.

Do kids ray bans come polarized?

When it comes to playtime, kids want to look cool and have fun – and you don’t want to worry about eye damage from the sun. Junior Ray-Ban sunglasses take the worry away. Thanks to a variety of lens tints and gradations, and reliable polarization, your little explorers will be ready for even the brightest conditions.

Is Ray Ban Junior for adults?

Product Details. Ray-Ban Aviator Junior sunglasses are the Aviator of choice for future pilots and daredevils. Adults aren’t the only ones in need of stylish, protective eyewear. This junior version of the iconic Ray-Ban Aviator offers the same iconic pilot look and 100% UV protection.

Will kids Ray Bans fit me?

The Ray-Ban Junior Aviator features 50-millimeter lenses, making it even more likely to fit your face — or provide a smaller, less bug-eyed alternative to the classic Aviator, which runs more than twice its price at $150. …

Is Ray-Ban Junior for adults?

What are polarized sunglasses?

On polarized sunglasses, the filter creates vertical openings for light. Only light rays that approach your eyes vertically can fit through those openings. The lenses block all the horizontal light waves bouncing off a smooth pond or a shiny car hood, for instance.

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