WellPCB Published “ Tips for choosing PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China ”

WellPCB Published “ Tips for choosing PCB manufacturers and suppliers in China ”

SHIJIAZHUANG, China, June 28, 2019 (Newswire.com) – WellPCB, a reliable PCB & PCBA service manufacturer.

Today’s electronic devices and computers can’t do anything without a printed circuit board. Considering so many variables, here are some tips for choosing the right PCB manufacturer in China.

The publication is available on the https://www.wellpcb.com/pcb-manufacturer.html section of the company’s website for free.

Among the key subjects on Tips for choosing the right PCB manufacturer and supplier include:

1. Make sure have a Proper Set of Guidelines: This section provides a brief overview of the importance of having each set of production companies have an appropriate set of guidelines.

2. Check to See the Type, Quality, and Quantity of Machines: This section details the importance of checking the type, quality, and quantity of the machine.

3. Know the Type of Quality Inspection Procedure They Use: This section mainly describes the inspection of the board assembly program in three aspects.

4. What is the Number of Production Lines They Have?: This section outlines the need to know the speed at which PCB manufacturers produce and supply orders to produce large quantities of products with tight lead times.

5. Make Sure Have Stock for Basic Components:

This section outlines the reasons you need to find more significant manufacturers, handle bulk components, and get them at a fraction of the cost.

6. Know the Order Size and Time Limit They Provide: This section mainly introduces the information about the order size and time limit they provide.

7. Find Out Application Method for Solder paste: This section focuses on the ideal choice for working with board manufacturers using semi-automatic or automated machines.

8. Do Employ Qualified Workers for Pick and Place?: This section details the importance of choosing a supplier with the ideal workforce to handle the production of the board.

9. Are Lead and Non-lead Production Lines Separated?: This section briefly describes the physical separation that the official board manufacturer will use for each line and its advantages.

10. Check to See if Have Proper Storage: This section focuses on PCB components or boards in China, usually delivered in a vacuum seal and with silicone on the package to handle humidity.

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