Was the StuG a good tank?

Was the StuG a good tank?

The StuG III with its high-velocity 75 mm main gun has proved to be an excellent tank destroyer and it adds “punch” to infantry operations by taking out enemy bunkers and strongpoints. After seeing your assault gun destroy the first four tanks, the Soviets now undoubtedly know your strength and disposition.

How do you get StuG IV in World of Tanks?

The StuG IV is available as a reward for completing the first set of Personal Missions. It comes with a 100% crew and can act as a crew trainer.

Is StuG a tank?

Initially intended as a mobile assault gun for direct-fire support for infantry, the StuG III was continually modified, and much like the later Jagdpanzer vehicles, was employed as a tank destroyer.

How many tanks did the StuG destroy?

In total, between 1940 and Mar 1945, 9,408 StuG III assault guns were built; this figure excluded StuH 42 production. StuG III guns accounted for 20,000 enemy tanks disabled or destroyed by spring of 1944.

How many StuGs were made in ww2?

10,000 StuGs
In 1942 and 1943 the StuG was one of the most effective tracked fighting vehicles fielded by the belligerents, in terms of enemy vehicles destroyed. Over 10,000 StuGs were eventually produced.

Is the StuG good war thunder?

The Stug III F is a fantastic vehicle that outperforms its Panzer III counterpart by a wide margin. It has the same gun from the Pzr 4 F2 and a simliliar one to the Marder 3 H that gives it great penetration and damage, as well as a high shell velocity and flat arc that makes it pretty good at hitting targets far away.

What does StuG stand for?

A Sudden Temporary Upsurge of Grief (STUG) is intense and unexpected.

How many kills did the StuG III have?

It is said that Stug III claimed over 20,000 tank kills in just 1944. Due to its effectiveness and its cost (82,500 Reichsmark vs 103,000 Reichsmark for a Panzer III), Over 10.000 Stug III were built making it the second most built German armoured Vehicle (only beaten by the Sd. Kfz 251).

Was the StuG 3 a good tank?

The STUG 3 performed great when it was used in the correct doctrine, it’s low silhouette and powerful gun were a deadly combination. However it was best employed in a fixed position, ready to ambush and pick off targets. The STUG had a fixed turret so it could not outmaneuver enemy armor.

How do I select a mission in World of Tanks?

Where Can I Find Missions?

  1. Once you’ve logged into World of Tanks, you’ll find yourself in the Garage. On the left side of the screen, just above your Crew members, you’ll see a button labelled “Missions”.
  2. Once you’ve clicked that button, the Missions window will open.

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