Was Rob Grill married?

Was Rob Grill married?

Nancy Grillm.?–2011
Rob Grill/Spouse

Is Nancy grill still alive?

Nancy Grill/Living or Deceased

What happened to Rob Grill of the Grass Roots?

Rob Grill, the longtime frontman of folk-rock band the Grass Roots, died on Monday at the age of 67 from complications of a head injury sustained in a fall last month. According to the singer’s wife, he had been in coma since suffering two strokes following the fall, each located in different parts of his brain.

Is Rob Grill alive?

Deceased (1943–2011)
Rob Grill/Living or Deceased

Where is Warren Entner now?

Owning his own firm Warren Entner Management, Entner managed a number of successful hard rock artists including Angel, Quiet Riot, Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, as well as other acts such as The Grays, Failure and Nada Surf. He currently manages Biffy Clyro in the US.

Are any members of the Grass Roots still alive?

Grill continued to lead the band into the current millennium as the Grass Roots sole owner and made appearances with the band until his death. Rick Coonce died of heart failure on February 25, 2011, and Rob Grill died on July 11, 2011 from complications following a stroke.

What happened to the group Grass Roots?

When did Warren Entner leave the grass roots?

Entner remained with the band until 1973, leaving the Grass Roots after the Alotta Mileage album. He was involved on the production side of some of the group’s later work on which he participated, and later went into music management.

Did the grass roots play their own instruments?

Creed Bratton became frustrated by Dunhill’s refusal to allow the band to write its own songs and play the instruments on its records (although the members did play alone at concerts).

How old is William Charles Schneider?

78 years (February 8, 1943)
Creed Bratton/Age

What happened to the original members of the Grass Roots?

Where is Warren Entner today?

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