Was Anand movie a hit?

Was Anand movie a hit?

The film was a semi-hit at box office. Indiatimes listed it among the “25 must watch films Bollywood movies”. Anand is one of the only two films that Khanna and Bachchan have starred together– the other being the 1973 film Namak Haraam, which was also directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

What is the story of movie Anand?

Dr. Bhaskar Bannerjee (Amitabh Bachchan) struggles with his patients’ suffering and the darkness and poverty he confronts daily in his native India. He treats a cancer patient, Anand Saigal (Rajesh Khanna), who upon learning of his impending death determines to use the time he has left to the absolute fullest. Bannarjee’s experience with the patient leaves a profound impression on him, and so he writes a heartrending bestseller based on recorded interviews with Anand.
Anand/Film synopsis

Where was Anand movie shot?

Director Hrishikesh Mukerji has dedicated this film to the city Mumbai. (Bombay at that time). He in an interview mentioned that liveliness of Mumbai city is very much like the liveliness of the main character – Anand.

What disease Rajesh Khanna had in Anand?

Dr Bhaskar Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan), a medical doctor, is the author of a book, Anand, about his relationship with Anand (Rajesh Khanna), who is dying of cancer but wants to enjoy every minute of what is left of his life.

Is Anand Telugu movie hit or flop?

Sekhar Kammula movies Hits Flops list

S# Movies Result
1 Dollar Dreams Flop
2 Anand Hit
3 Godavari Hit
4 Happy Days Super Hit

Who are the kids in Anand movie?


  • Raja as Anand.
  • Kamalinee Mukherjee as Roopa (Voice by Sunitha)
  • Satya Krishnan as Anita, Roopa’s friend.
  • Anish Kuruvilla as Raju, Anand’s cousin.
  • Anuj Gurwara as Rahul, Roopa’s ex-fiancée.
  • Bakhitha Francis as Samatha, Anand’s little friend.
  • Chandana Chakrabarti as Rahul’s mother.
  • Gopichand Lagadapati as Ram.

Who is Babu Moshai in Anand?

Anand (1971) – Amitabh Bachchan as Dr. Bhaskar K. Bannerjee, Babu Moshai – IMDb.

Is Life Is Beautiful hit or flop?

Sekhar Kammula movies Hits Flops list

S# Movies Result
3 Godavari Hit
4 Happy Days Super Hit
5 Leader Average
6 Life is Beautiful Average

Is Anish Kuruvilla Malayali?

Kuruvulla was born into a Malayali family and grew up in Hyderabad. He attended The Hyderabad Public School, Ramanthapur.

Who said Babumoshai Zindagi?

Rajesh Khanna
Remembering Rajesh Khanna: Babumoshai, Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye.. Lambi Nahin; 10 Dialogue from Anand.

What is the meaning of Babu Moshai?

It is actually a culmination of two words, ‘Babu’ and ‘Moshai’, both meaning Mister. The term ‘Babumoshai’ was coined in the Hrishikesh Mukherjee film, when the legendary actor Rajesh Khanna fondly referred to his doctor friend, Amitabh Bachchan’s character, as Babumoshai.

Is Godavari movie hit or flop?

Godavari is a 2006 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Sekhar Kammula and produced by G. V. G. Raju. Sumanth and Kamalinee Mukherjee played the lead roles. The film was a commercial success at the box office in addition to receiving critical acclaim.

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