Is White Spot still on BC Ferries?

Is White Spot still on BC Ferries?

Please note above that the Salish ferries do not have White Spot. The menu is subject to change without notice. Some offers only available on select sailings.

Is White Spot across Canada?

White Spot is a Canadian restaurant chain based in Vancouver, British Columbia, best known for its hamburgers, Pirate Pak children’s meal, triple-o sauce, and milkshakes. Along with its related Triple-O’s quick service brand, the chain operates over 100 locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Asia.

Is there food service on BC Ferries?

BC Ferries resumes limited food services on select routes Limited hot food services are available on the Tsawwassen – Swartz Bay, Horseshoe Bay – Departure Bay and Horseshoe Bay – Langdale routes. All hot food will be served in packaging for customers to take to their vehicles, outerdeck or limited cafeteria seating.

Is there food on the Langdale ferry?

There’s something for everyone on board – from delicious buffets, to self-serve restaurants, coffee bars and shopping. The Coastal Café is currently open and offers a variety of hot entrees and grab and go items for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Can you take your own food on a ferry?

Passengers are permitted to bring their own food and drink onboard and consume it during the sailing, however alcohol may not be brought onboard any of our vessels for consumption during your crossing.

Do ferries provide food?

From full service restaurants focused on delivering old favourites and regional specialities all with locally sourced ingredients, bars and lounges for you to unwind and socialise, to cafe bars that provide quick snacks and a caffeine boost, ferries provide for all your culinary needs.

Why is Triple O’s called Triple O’s?

The Triple O’s concept was created in 1997. The name Triple “O” is derived from the “OOO” abbreviation used by car hops back in the days when drive-ins were popular. The carhops would circle the words hamburger, relish and mayonnaise when taking an order for the trademark burger.

Why do they call it Triple O’s?

According to legend, the name for Nat’s secret Triple ‘O’ Sauce came from shorthand used by the carhops filling out order slips. Guests could choose from several toppings. An X meant hold, an O meant extra, and Triple ‘O’ meant plenty of sauce!

Can you drink on BC Ferries?

There is a limit of one alcoholic beverage per passenger, and only beer or wine can be purchased with a meal. Alcohol sales will be available on sailings from 11 a.m. onwards. Non-alcoholic drinks remain included in the regular buffet price.

Is there a microwave on BC Ferries?

BC Ferries | Reconnecting BC on Twitter: “@cngan – Yes, we have microwaves on specific vessels.

Is smoking allowed on BC Ferries?

Smoking, whether tobacco or cannabis, is prohibited on BC Ferries vessels at all times and in all locations. Vaping is also prohibited.

Can I take paint on Brittany Ferries?

If traveling with a vehicle, you are permitted to carry any amount of water based paint in the vehicle, and up to a maximum of 10 litres of flammable paint.

How long has white spot been serving BC?

Since 1928, we’ve proudly served BC. Yep, almost a century. White Spot Restaurants has become a British Columbian legend with a passion for using fresh, quality, local ingredients.

What is whitewhite spot?

White Spot has become a British Columbian legend with a passion for using fresh, quality, local ingredients. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, take-out, late night snacks & delicious burgers! We look forward to welcoming you every time. Crispy Halibut is back! Try our 2-piece Halibut & Chips or Crispy Halibut Burger.

How many white spot locations are there in Canada?

With over 60 locations in BC and Alberta, there are many opportunities to enjoy the great taste of White Spot. Find your nearest location to satisfy your craving for our secret Triple “O” sauce.

Where can I find white spot food service on Vancouver Island?

Customers can enjoy food service from the Coastal Cafe on select routes between Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver, Southern Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast and North Coast. The Coastal Cafe features items prepared by White Spot (freshly made) and Bread Garden prepackaged products. Please note above that the Salish ferries do not have White Spot.

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