Is Vaughan Bassett the same as Bassett Furniture?

Is Vaughan Bassett the same as Bassett Furniture?

Bassett, also founded what today is well known as Bassett Furniture Industries. Employing over 1,200 people in factories based in Galax, Virginia, and Elkin, North Carolina, In fact, Vaughan Bassett is now the largest manufacturer of wooden adult bedroom furniture in the United States.

Who owns Vaughan Bassett Furniture?

John Bassett III
John Bassett III, left, owner of Vaughan-Bassett furniture factory and subject of “Factory Man”, the best-selling book by Beth Macy, watches band-saw operator Arnold Steffey, 62, as he works in the factory in Galax, VA Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014.

Is Vaughan Bassett made in USA?

Based in Galax, Virginia, Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Company manufactures bedroom furniture. Employing about 700 people in factories based in Galax, Virginia, and Elkin, North Carolina, we are extremely proud of the fact that 100 percent of our furniture is crafted here in the United States by American employees.

Is Bassett Furniture considered high end?

Bassett Furniture really does deliver high-quality furniture, and when it comes to their sofa selection, there really isn’t anything you should stay away from! No matter your style, you can find something that works for you that’s going to last for years to come.

Is Bassett Furniture made in China?

Almost everything we sell is made or assembled in the USA. Below we explain the various methods of craftsmanship that go into each piece of furniture. We take pride in who we are and hope this information will make your decision to buy at Bassett a little easier.

How long has Bassett Furniture been in business?

The company, founded in 1902, makes wooden and upholstered furniture for home use, featuring bedroom and dining suites furniture. Bassett sells through 70 company-owned stores and about 35 licensee-owned stores. Texas is the largest market among the some 25 states in which Bassett operates….

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Is Bassett furniture Made in China?

How long will a Bassett sofa last?

With reasonable use and proper maintenance, high-quality sofas can last between 7 to 15 years. Considering the quality of materials and practices used by the manufacturer, it’s reasonable to expect that Bassett sofas will last 10 to 15 years with proper use and maintenance.

Does Bassett use real wood?

Material Quality In terms of the materials used, Bassett’s wooden items usually offer solid wood construction with heavier profiles. In terms of upholstering options, Bassett offers both synthetic fabric and higher end customizable options.

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