Is Trent Bridge a small cricket ground?

Is Trent Bridge a small cricket ground?

Trent Bridge was first used as a cricket ground in the 1830s. The first recorded cricket match was held on an area of ground behind the Trent Bridge Inn in 1838. In 1950, an electronically-operated scoreboard was installed at this venue, then the world’s largest at any cricket stadium.

Where is Nottingham stadium located?

The Nottingham Forest Football Club
Nottingham Forest F.C./Arenas/Stadiums

How old is Trent Bridge cricket ground?

192c. 1830
Trent Bridge Cricket Ground/Age

When was Trent Bridge cricket ground built?

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground/Opened

How many cricket grounds are there in England?

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Wales is currently in full swing. Ten teams will play 48 matches in 11 stadiums for the duration of the tournament which ends on 14 July.

Which is the best stand at Trent Bridge?

The Fox Road stand is also the stand which usually hosts the Barmy Army, and the most raucous atmosphere.

Who Owns the City Ground?

Nottingham Forest
City Ground

Owner Nottingham Forest
Operator Nottingham Forest
Capacity 30,445
Record attendance 49,946 (Nottingham Forest vs Manchester United, 28 October 1967)

Who built Trent Bridge?

Marriott Ogle Tarbotton
The current Trent Bridge was designed by Marriott Ogle Tarbotton, construction started in 1868 and was completed in 1871. The iron and stone bridge across the River Trent is the principal river crossing entrance to the city from the south.

What is the capacity of Trent Bridge cricket ground?

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground/Capacity

What is the biggest cricket ground in the UK?

The largest cricket ground in the UK is Lord’s, home to the MCC, with a capacity of 30,000.

What is the oldest cricket ground in England?

cricket green
The pretty village of Hartley Wintney is home to The Cricketers public house, which dates back to the 18th Century. The pub overlooks the village cricket green and is the oldest, continually played cricket pitch and club in England.

How to get to Trent Bridge cricket ground?

The world famous Trent Bridge Cricket Ground in Nottingham will host the Specsavers Test – England v India, 18 to 22 August METRES 0 500 ENGLAND AT TRENT BRIDGE Arriving by bus or tram The most convenient tram stops for Trent Bridge are Nottingham Station and Queens Walk, both a 20 minute walk away.

Where is targettrent Bridge cricket ground?

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground is situated in West Bridgford, in very close proximity to both Nottingham Forest and Notts County Football Clubs.

How do I get to Trent Bridge by tram?

Tram Travel. The nearest tram stop to Trent Bridge is Queens Walk; this is located around a 20 minute walk from the ground. Alternatively a stop at Nottingham Train Station can be found just a 20 minute walk away.

How far is targettrent bridge from Nottingham railway station?

Trent Bridge is a mere 1.0 mile from the main Rail sta­tion in Not­ting­ham. You can either walk which takes about 20 minutes, take the bus (e.g. #11) which costs £1.70 for adults and £1 for chil­dren, or take a taxi for around £5.

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