Is there any app like TeamViewer for Android?

Is there any app like TeamViewer for Android?

VNC Viewer VNC Viewer is a TeamViewer alternative that works on Android devices. It behaves similarly to TeamViewer, with the exception of requiring installation and setup for use.

Is GoToMyPC free?

Try GoToMyPC Free for 7 Days The most secure and reliable remote access tool. GoToMyPC requires a Mac or Windows operating system on the computer you wish to access remotely. However, you may access that computer using Linux, Solaris™, Mac or Windows operating systems. See requirements.

How good is Splashtop?

A good piece of software, although it’s bare-bones and a bit slow in comparison with others. Splashtop has a good price point and is decent entry-level remote control software, although there are alternatives that perform better. It’s hard to beat the price, though. Test a few before you decide.

Is there any other app like TeamViewer?

A strong alternative to TeamViewer, SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Everywhere provides what I think is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market, combining remote support, remote work, and distance learning. Dameware Remote Everywhere. Dameware Remote Support. Mikogo.

What does TeamViewer QuickSupport do?

Get remote support for your computers and mobile devices — whenever you need it. QuickSupport enables a support technician to remotely access, remotely control, and remotely view your computer or mobile device for fast troubleshooting. …

What company owns GoToMyPC?

Citrix Systems
It was developed by ExpertCity and launched in 1998. Citrix Systems acquired ExpertCity in 2004 and maintained the GoToMyPC brand and services. Citrix spun off the GoTo products, which were acquired by LogMeIn (which would later adopted the GoTo name as a company in 2022) in early 2017.

Can I use GoToMyPC on Chromebook?

Please note that GoToMyPC does not support Chromebooks.

What does GoToMyPC cost?

$35per month
GoToMyPC Pricing

Name Price
Personal $35per month
Pro $66per month
Corporate $140per month

What is GoToMyPC?

GoToMyPC gives you the freedom to go anywhere you choose and connect to your Mac or PC. Enjoy easy remote access to your files, programs and email and increase your productivity wherever you go. To use this free app you must have a GoToMyPC subscription. Don’t have one yet?

What is showmypc and how to use it?

ShowMyPC is a remote access tool specially designed for the system and IT administrators to manage any system remotely. By using the ShowMyPC, the users can get instant remote access to the remote PCs and manage the even more extensive enterprise networks as well from anywhere.

How GoToMyPC can help you to work from home?

After making the connection between two systems, you will be able to instantly work on your programs and files from your local place as you are doing at your work desk at home. The best about GoToMyPC is that it provides users with the system of accessing their PC from their smartphones.

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