Is there a Kung Fu Panda game?

Is there a Kung Fu Panda game?

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends2015
Kung Fu Panda 22011Kung Fu Panda World2010Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors2008Kung Fu Panda2008
Kung Fu Panda/Games

How many levels are there in Kung Fu Panda?

Adventure through 13 legendary levels spanning land, water, and air from the movie and beyond — Visit epic movie locations like the opulent Jade Palace, challenging Training Dojo, and majestic Wudang Mountains, plus never-before-seen places such as the mystical Lake of Tears and the unforgiving Training Ground of Tai …

What animal is Master Shifu in Kung Fu Panda?

red panda
Shifu was a raccoon. But, as they were told off-camera, Master Shifu is actually a red panda.

What happened to Kung Fu Panda World?

Kung Fu Panda World was a browser-based video game. On July 15, 2012, the game was discontinued and removed, and the website now redirects to the main Kung Fu Panda website.

Is Kung Fu Panda Disney?

Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 American computer-animated action comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is the first installment in the Kung Fu Panda franchise….Kung Fu Panda (film)

Kung Fu Panda
Box office $631.7 million

Is Tai Lung a snow leopard?

Tai Lung is a snow leopard, which, in the wild, is a predator of both the giant panda and the red panda.

When did Kung Fu Panda 3 release?

January 29, 2016 (USA)
Kung Fu Panda 3/Release date

Who trained Master Oogway?

Fascinated by the power, Oogway was taught by the pandas how to use it, but Kai was solely interested in increasing his own power, which he discovered he could do by taking the chi of others.

Why is Master Shifu a red panda?

It turns out Kung Fu Panda’s Master Shifu is actually a red panda, which despite the name, has no connection to the giant panda family, and is also known by the not very flattering title of “lesser panda.” Red pandas are native to places like Nepal and China and are roughly the size of a raccoon.

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