Is the Remington 870 good in phantom forces?

Is the Remington 870 good in phantom forces?

The Remington 870 is a very powerful and well-rounded shotgun in Phantom Forces. It has relatively high damage and good range for a shotgun. It also has a slower rate of fire (RoF) for a shotgun at 100 rounds per minute (RPM)—just faster than the KS-23M.

How many rounds does the TAC 14 hold?

The receiver is milled from solid steel, and receiver and barrel have a black-oxide finish. The TAC-14 holds five shotshells of the 3- and/or 2¾-inch variety.

What are the best attachments for the Remington 870?

Here is my list of the ten top upgrades for the Remington 870:

  • Non-MIM Extractor. There are two types of extractors that most firearms could have in them.
  • Tactical Flashlight for Shotgun.
  • Tactical Magazine Follower.
  • Oversized Safety Button.
  • Stock and Forend.
  • Magazine Extension.
  • Receiver Mount Shell Holder (Sidesaddle)
  • Sights.

What kind of grip does a Remington 870 use?

The grip marked as PJSPG870 is specially designed for Remington 870 Shotguns and will accept mil-spec or commercial A.R. buffer tubes and any AR-15 adjustable stock. The Aim Sports Grip is available in combo kit including a six-position collapsible stock converting your old Rem 870 workhorse into the modern tactical shotgun.

Where can I find a sawn off Remington 870?

This mod adds in a sawn off Remington 870 into the game. It comes with unique static and sound entries, as well as having it added to the appropriate perk lists, holdout lists, repair lists and weapon lists. It can be found on Doc Mitchell’s operating table.

When did the Remington Model 870 come out in 410 bore?

Express in .410 bore (for $289ºº). Light contour barrels for the Remington Model 870 shotgun were designed in 1992, and became common on these shotguns thereafter. announced production of the six-millionth Model 870 shotgun!

What happened to the Remington 870 trap gun?

In this year, the “All American” Trap Guns were discontinued. The Model 870 Trap line was altered to now TC. Remington also introduced a 20 gauge Model 870 LW-20 Lightweight Deer Gun.

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